Pakistan Weather Update (April 25 – April 29)

The severe heat wave that was affecting lower and coastal Pakistan has moved towards central and upper Pakistan. Where it will cause temperatures to rise and after that it will enter India. The heat waves are common for the month  of April but this year they have been weak and short-lived, possibly due to La-Nina and continous western disturbance system, which will cause harm to the upcoming monsoon season.

The Heat Wave is back!

Karachi was burning!

The same heat wave did cause the temperatures to soar to 41°C on April 22 in Karachi, the highest for the city uptill now. As expected the south west (sea breeze) winds have returned which are keeping the temperatures some what below than expected. Today (April 25) the temperature was at 35°C, while the winds were quite strong that helped the temperatures to remain below, winds were at 37 km/h. This heat wave has left Karachi and another strong heat wave will return in May.

While in Sindh province temperatures are still high as the city of Larkana braced itself for another extremely hot day with temperature touching 47°C on Monday (April 25). Temperatures will remain high in central and upper Sindh but in coastal Sindh the heat spell is broken

Lahore is burning!!

Lahore saw a extremely hot day as temperature upto 42°C burned the city. The temperatures are expected to remain high in Lahore as 45°C is forecasted on Wednesday (April 27).

In other parts of the Punjab province, the historical city of Multan sizzled at 43°C as more hot weather is likely.

Islamabad is calm

Temperatures are around 36°C to 38°C in the capital and likely to remain around them during the current week.

More rains likely

Light rainfall with fast winds likely in some areas of the country. Following are the cities which may get rainfall from April 28 till May 1;

  • In Sindh, coastal areas including Karachi and central areas are likely to get rainfall.
  • In Punjab, southern parts including Lahore and Multan will get rainfall from the system starts leaving Sindh.
  • Balochistan including Quetta, Khyber including Peshawar, Gilgit, Kashmir and Islamabad will also get rain during this period.

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    1. The western winds will pass through Sindh including Karachi…so there is a chance it will cause rainfall but keeping past history in mind, for the month of April it normally does not rain in April in Karachi…

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