Glaciers are melting in Pakistan

Common scene in the Northern Areas of Pakistan

With the increase in temperature due to the current heat wave, the glaciers in Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan have started melting, resulting in significant increase in flows in rivers, streams and nullahs.

Delayed this year!

Usually, the temperature increases in Himalayan, Hindukush and Karakuram ranges of mountains soon after March, but this time the weather remained cold and continous snowfall and hailstorm caused the temperatures to remain below normal.

Fresh western disturbance is likely to cause temperatures to decrease which will ultimately stop the process of melting. But glaciers will start melting again after second week of May as intense heat is likely to develop. 

Good news

The electricity generation and power supply has also improved as the region was entirely dependent on hydropower and the Water and Power Department has decreased load shedding to six hours.


9 replies to “Glaciers are melting in Pakistan

  1. My friend, but even till the starting of May there is rains forecast presents for NWFP,KASHMIR,QUETTA AND FOR PUNJAB etc. There is NO chance of rains over karachi.

    1. I think its about time you make peace with the fact that Karachi does not receive adequate rain fall.
      And why do you want heavy rain fall in karachi, that would only lead to damage to roads and electric break downs!

    1. Glaciers do melt after winter season is over..but during March this process starts..this year it has been late…I think its a good sign that glaciers have started melting..this is a normal process..

  2. If you see IMD Initial south west monsoon forecast Map then there is Green mark which shows Wet very wet areas and these areas included Punjab,and all bay of bengal located areas. is this means that these areas will get very above rainfall than normal?

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