Pakistan Weather Update (April 30 – May 6)

  • Western disturbance threaten Monsoon

  • More WD rains likely

  • Monsoon to begin from June in Pakistan


Heat will return after second week of May

More light rainfall with fast to strong winds likely during the next 24 hours in the northern areas of Pakistan. After that continental air will prevail all over the country. A fresh western disturbance will affect the country, mainly upper parts from May 5.

Previous western disturbance

The rains that Pakistan received during the last days of April was a rare phenomena. April is a hot and dry month with little to no precipitation. But this year too many western systems are effecting Pakistan.

Fresh western disturbance

More rains likely in the upper parts of the country from May 5 till May 8. Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Gilgit will also receive rainfall during the period. Southern parts of Pakistan will remain dry or partly cloudy during the period. There are no rains in May across whole Pakistan except for few isolated events.

Karachi to get strong winds

In Karachi fast to strong winds will lash the city on May 5, winds up to 35 mph likely. Temperatures will remain pleasant and below normal than the expected temperatures of May.

The temperatures of May in Karachi are above 40 °C and the hottest May was on 9, 1938, when the temperatures touched 48.8 °C. While this May they will remain around 34°C to 37 °C.

Western disturbance jolts monsoon

More western disturbances (WD) will pose the threat to the upcoming monsoon. The WD are keeping the temperatures below normal which is blocking the necessary heat for the monsoon, thus lack of heat waves.

By now some low pressure or tropical storm should have formed in the Bay of Bengal keeping past weather records in mind. But this year they are absent, WD is one of the factors that is causing this. But the Bay of Bengal will manage to give birth to a low pressure on May 1 and thus the monsoon activity of 2011 will begin.

3 replies to “Pakistan Weather Update (April 30 – May 6)

  1. Western disturbance time period is increased so much this year and it is not finishing which is not good for monsoon. This is another thing that karachi could not get any advantage of it.Why????

  2. Интересная статейка, но как по мне, можно было бы и глубже капнуть..)
    Translation : An interesting little article, but as for me, could be deeper and drip..)

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