U.S bracing for severe flooding!


  • Records set in 1927 broken

  • 1000 people in danger

  • Mississippi River roaring up and down

Weeks after worst tornado outbreak in the United States, parts of U.S are now bracing themselves for another disaster – severe flooding expected in areas around Mississippi River.

Fears are growing among US residents living along the Mississippi River as rising flood waters threaten communities in states from Illinois to Louisiana. Police officers went door-to-door in Memphis, Tennessee urging residents to leave nearly 1,000 homes near the Mississippi River.

The rising waters have already broken records set in 1927 and 1937. The Mississippi River rose to 45.9ft (13.9m) near Memphis on Friday morning, surpassing the 45.8ft level of a record-setting 1927 flood. President Barack Obama declared regions in the states of Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky disaster areas earlier this week

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