Storms wreaks havoc in Punjab!!

The storm moves into India – Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) will now not give updates related to this storm  

  • 17 killed over 100 injured

  • Severe dust storms hit Punjab

  • Bill boards, houses collapses

  • 41 dead in India from the same storm!

Unexpected destruction in Punjab

A western disturbance over upper parts of Pakistan on May 21 has brought unexpected destruction and death to Punjab province. Over 17 are killed with over 100 injured in the province due to the incidents of collapsing houses. The wind speed touched 56 mph (90 kph) in Lahore, Multan, Sahiwal and other cities of Punjab on May 21.

Update (5:48 pm PST)

The worst appears to be over for Punjab as the system has moved towards India where it is bringing strong wind storms of 70 kph and moderate rainfall. Punjab could experience light drizzle with fast winds during the 24 hours but the deadly dust storm episode is over. The weather system is weakening by every passing hour. This is the last update from PWP

Strong thunder lashed Lahore on May 21 with harsh dust storms

 What really happened in Punjab?

Northern Pakistan, mostly Punjab was under the grip of light to moderate rainfall accompanied by severe dust storms since May 22 that has brought cool weather to the province which was experiencing hot weather since last few days. Deadly dust storms have hit Lahore, Multan, Sahiwal and many other cities of the province, the stormy winds have caused many bill boards, trees, roof of houses to collapse. Sahiwal was the worst affected city where 8 people died due to severe winds and thunderstorm that uprooted trees, pulled down billboards and power pylons while roofs and walls of many houses also collapsed. As result, 8 people lost their lives while dozens of others were wounded. Most of the casualties have been reported from Saddar Chowk and Jihad Ground areas where many hoardings had been installed. Though the exact death toll is not confirmed.

11 replies to “Storms wreaks havoc in Punjab!!

  1. One hand Heavy rains and gusty are creating whole year havoc in punjab,nwfp and kashmir to quetta and on the other hand karachi is only waiting for rains. I do not know why karachi cannot get rains directly from arabian sea like Goa and Mumbai? If mumbai gets 3000mm rains then, karachi must atleast get 1500mm yearly but this is not the case. Bay of bengal and western disturbance are never ready to creates rains over karachi.

    1. In fact..Karachi gets 98% monsoon rains from Bay of Bengal (BOB)…Arabian sea (ARB) give the BOB weather systems moisture and strength so they could cause rainfall in Sindh including karachi..

      1. The rainfall which karahci gets is very very less and karachi never gets heavv and frequent rains from BOB and Arabian like DHAKA and Rangoon and Mumbai. Even last year Gwadar got 300mm rains in two days but karachi could not get even 100mm. Last year even Jiwani got more rainfall from Phet than karachi. BOB or Arabian sea lowest pressures runs over indian provinces plus muscat to gwadar and yemen. I do not know why the cannot runs over karachi directly?

  2. Well i’ve read on a website that there’s a possibility of a cyclone churning up in arabian sea in the first week of june its a forecast made by roundy-albany and taiwanese central weather bureau but they have forecast it to make landfall over the gujarat mumbai region however its just a forecast either it will not materialize or it will make landfall somewhere at pakistan coast or anyother area fingers crossed lets see what future awaits for arabian sea … as i can see whenever there’s a cyclone in arabian sea the cloud cover in karachi arrives earlier than normal and its happenning this time also … lets see

    1. There is a area of thunder shower that should be monitored…it is expected to transform in a cyclonic storm during the first week of June…Oman is the likely target…Gujarat has also some chance…as now now no model is predicting Pakistani landfall…but the path could change…the name of the cyclone will be Keila..

  3. Yes metro you are right i hope the predicted system would churns up towards our coast instead of going towards oman as it will delay the the monsoon as cyclone PHET did in 2010 … but i wanted to ask if a system develops in arabian sea are the conditions favourable for the system to track towards pakistan coast … ive heard westerly winds affects the path of cyclone as it comes near the pakistan coast … is it true and are there any westerlies present as of now ????

    1. Do you know why PHET went to Oman?? Because of these western disturbances (WD)…As I recall..PHET was forecasted to hit Karachi as category 3 or 4 hurricane and adjoining Indian coast..the WD caused the storm to move towards Oman..and when the WD moved into India, this then allowed PHET to enter Pakistan as a weak depression..As of now, its a little bit early to reach conclusions about Pakistani landfall because the would-be-cyclone is not even a well-marked low pressure…Yes, a western disturbance is expected to enter Pakistan from tonight till May 28…these WDs are also causing Bay of Bengal to remain calm, which actually is very much active than Arabian sea.

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