Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – May in review!

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) made a total of 20 articles in the month of May. May was a very busy month for Pakistan’s only weather blog. There were some usually high number of readers in this month.

May broke all records of March and April, there were total 18,011 readers in the month of May as compared to 5,956 in April and 3,346 in March. The new highest number of readers in a single day was May 29, when some 2,260 readers came to know about an expected storm in the Arabian sea. Readers from Oman are now in second place above United States, United Kingdom and India. During this month Pakistan Weather Portal was mentioned on many Arab forums, blogs and website, even translated into Arabic. World Weather Post, a website that selects articles from around the world, also selected PWP’s article and PWP beat CNN, BBC and Reuters in becoming the most popular blog having the most famous articles on World Weather Post.

  1. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert ( May 31 – June 4)
  2. The Keila hype – It is not even a low pressure yet!
  3. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon alert (May 24 – May 31)
  4. Storms wreaks havoc in Punjab!!
  5. Extreme heat slaps Karachi – Hottest day in 30 years!
  6. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (May 19 – May 24)
  7. When will Monsoon start over Pakistan? – In Detail!
  8. Super cyclones – The future of the Arabian sea!!
  9. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon alert (May 13 – May 19)
  10. Dust devil danced in Islamabad!
  11. “Rome will be wiped out”, Earthquake prophet says? – Spain shivers as “predicted” earthquake jolts it!!
  12. Tropical storm Aere batters Philippines – Eyes Japan now!
  13. Climate of Karachi – Part II (The Most Extreme events!)
  14. Climate of Karachi – Part 1 (The Monthly Factors)
  15. History of drought in Pakistan – In detail
  16. U.S bracing for severe flooding!
  17. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon alert (May 6 – May 13)
  18. Bad weather caused Osama to live for 24 hours?
  19. Tornado hits New Zealand’s largest city – Chaos every where!
  20. Monsoon and its Dangers – How many people will die this year?

Who’s the winner??

Its “When will monsoon start in Pakistan-In Detail”, this article changed this blog forever and this is one of my best articles ever.

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