Lunar eclipse – Watch out Pakistan!

Its Mars over the Sky – No its just a Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse - Longest in Years !

Tonight (June 15) load shedding will be a blessing because at 11:23 pm PST till 3.02 am PST longest lunar eclipse will occur in 11 years. This eclipses is expected to last for 100 minutes, with peak at 12:22 am PST

It is being described as one of the darkest lunar eclipse. Tonight’s lunar eclipse will be seen across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. The next such eclipse will only take place in 2141

Precautions need??

The lunar eclipse will not give off any harmful radiations, it means that they will be able to view the phenomenon without reserve, unlike a solar eclipse. So enjoy it.

Difference between solar eclipse and lunar eclipse

Solar eclipse can only be viewed in a comparatively small region, a lunar eclipse is visible to anyone living on the night side of the earth.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the moon and the sun forming more-or-less a straight line. Viewers will then watch the moon beginning to take a reddish hue and eventually turning deep red, before it will return to its normal silver white shade.

Types of Lunar eclipse

The diagram displaying Lunar eclipse

The umbral and the penumbral are two types of lunar eclipse, depending on the shadows of the earth — the umbra and the penumbra.

A penumbral eclipse is when the moon passes through the Earth’s penumbral shadow, but this is very difficult to see.
  •  A partial lunar eclipse occurs when a portion of the moon passes through the Earth’s umbral shadow. This is easy to see and can be viewed by the naked eye without any danger of damage to the eye whatsoever.
  • A total lunar eclipse occurs when the whole moon disappears as it passes through the Earth’s umbral shadow. This is when the moon emits very different vibrant colors which are breathtakingly beautiful.

Lunar eclipse in Karachi?

Lunar eclipse and Clouds
Due to some cloudy activity in Karachi, the moon might not be properly visible. But some intervals might show the longest lunar eclipse in years. So Karachiites do not forget to watch it!
While in Lahore, there are some very few high level clouds, so Lahoris you might see the longest lunar eclipse clearly.
What about Islamabadis? Clear sky with few light clouds, so the captial city’s people can also view the longest lunar eclipse in 11 years.

8 replies to “Lunar eclipse – Watch out Pakistan!

  1. excellent work… thumbs up for Karachi Metro for his efforts… just saw the Mars ooops i mean the Red Moon here in Karachi… yeah bit of cloud interference but was enough to observe the Mystical Movements…

  2. IMD announces Depression formation in Bay of Bengal (BOB 02)

    The India Meteorological Department (IMD) upgraded an area of well marked low pressure (WML), located at l21.50 N and long. 89.00 E, about 100 km east-southeast of Sagar Island, 150 km southeast of Kolkata and 150 km west-southwest of Khepupara (Bangladesh), to a depression, giving it the designation “BOB 02”.[2]. Sustained maximum surface wind speed is estimated to be about 25 knots. The estimated central pressure is about 987 hpa. The system is likely to move northwestwards and cross West Bengal-Bangladesh coast, about 50 km east of Sagar Island by today, the 16th June, 2011 night.

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