Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon alert (June 16 – June 20)

  • Pre-monsoon to begin in Punjab early this year!

  • Heat to relax but humidity to take its place!

  • Deep depression BOB 02 forms

Heat wave on peak!

“Sibbi sizzles at 48°C”

Heat wave in Pakistan has approached late this year but quickly it has reached peak

Heat wave has paralysed routine life in upper Sindh. Though there is no Met office in the north region of Sindh, it is considered that the temperature is around 50°C to 51°C for the past some days. Temperatures are expected to remain above 40°C in Punjab while above 45°C in Sindh. Karachi will see normal temperatures that 34 °C – 37 °C.

With moisture reaching Sindh and Punjab, the humidity is likely to increase though temperatures will decrease but people might not feel much difference due to high humidity.


Many people of upper Sindh have complained of irritation in eyes. People who are experiencing hot weather should wash their eyes with clean and cold water and remain under some shade or a tree during the day time. This is a seasonal virus that can be cured but precautions must be taken.

Two people have also died due to this heat wave in Sindh that started from June 8 and is still on going.

Arabian sea’s moisture

Notice “Gilgit, FATA and many parts of Khyber and whole Balochistan excluding eastern parts are not a monsoon regions.”

Weak pre-monsoon currents are reaching Punjab, parts of Khyber and Azad Kashmir from June 17 and light to moderate pre-monsoon rainfall likely in Lahore, Islamabad and other adjoining cities, these rains will not be heavy.

In Karachi, the moisture accompanied by pre-monsoon activity has caused some thick clouds to over the city with fast winds (44 km/h). In coming days more “on and off”clouds are expected in the city but no rainfall likely till June 23. Over all the weather will be pleasant in Karachi with fast SW winds and clouds at night, morning and evening.

It is said that Karachi has more number of days of cloudy periods in monsoon season than any other city of Pakistan but the level of precipitation is quite low when compared to other cities.

Monsoon 2011 update

  • Deep depression BOB 02 forms in the Bay of Bengal

  • Heavy Monsoon rainfall continues in India

  • 3 Pre-monsoon spells in Pakistan after that Monsoon of 2011 begins!


Deep Depression BOB 02 in Bay of Bengal on June 16

Heavy rainfall likely in central, eastern and western coast of India. A trough is increasing monsoon activity in western coast of India, while a depression has helped further advance the monsoon many parts of India.

This deep depression BOB 02 is the first depression in the peninsular sea after the drought year of 2009.

The year 2010 also had a normal monsoon but it was also without a depression in the Bay of Bengal, only the second such instance after year 2002 in a recorded history of 121 years of tracking monsoon depressions. Depressions in the Bay emerged only after when the monsoon was over. In short, they were late!


Three pre-monsoon activity likely in Pakistan and after that proper monsoon will begin in July. Following are those three pre-monsoon rainfalls;

  1. Some light pre-monsoon rainfall in Punjab, parts of Khyber and Azad Kashmir from June 18. The intensity of these pre-monsoon rains will be weak. Moisture from Arabian sea has started reaching these regions.
  2. Second pre-monsoon activity is likely in Sindh, this could be heavy in nature as the remnants of Deep depression BOB 02 will enter Gujarat from June 21. It is still too early to go in-depth of this pre-monsoon rain. 
  3. The third and last pre-monsoon rainfall expected in last week of June.

After these pre-rainfall, the monsoon of 2011 will begin. If the readers want to know the previous pre-monsoon and monsoon dates of 2010 and 2009 of Pakistan then check this. This year pre-monsoon activity in Punjab has started early than Sindh as compared to 2009 and 2010. It is also worth mentioning that 3 pre-monsoon spells this year are quite to many for Pakistan that too in June, mostly there is only one such activity that occurs late in June.

90 replies to “Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon alert (June 16 – June 20)

  1. well glad to hear some pre-monsoon activity starting in the upper parts of the country
    secondly just desperately waiting for rains in karachi hope that deep depression could cause heavy rains in the city
    yahoo, cnn and accuweather predicting a thunderstorm on friday june 24 babar bhai wats ur take on that?????????
    clouds coming and going in karachi nights are cloudy for few hours but day is as usual sunny to partly cloudy why can we see cloudy and overcast conditions in karachi??

    1. There are few chances that the remnants of DD BOB 01 MAY cause some pre-monsoon rains in Karachi (But it is not confirmed yet)…the cloudy activity occurs every year from June till August and some times first week of September especially in Karachi….

    1. Aap punjab walo ko to winter mein hi itni rain mil jati aur monsoon mein bhe phir bhe app log khush nahi hotay.

      1. you are very anxious about our rain too besides other things. why don’t you wash your minds against the Punjab?

  2. Dear Babar, You always say that rain is expected over punjab and nwfp and kashmir etc. Will you ever say with confidence that karachi will also have rains? What is our sin?

  3. Karachi aur sindh ka to allah hi hafiz hai. Jab dekho punjab,nwfp aur kashmir mein barish ka boltay hai. Kabhe Na kabhe to allah karachi mein bhe rain dayga aur forecaster to karachi mein kabhe nahi batanay walay barish ka.

  4. shoaib why you always compare punjab , nwfp , mumbai to karachi these are wet regions and karachi is a dry and arid place
    if you want rain like mumbai or punjab so go there 🙂

  5. Pak Met said that 10% below normal rainfall Lol 🙂 and possiblity of flood according to westrly eastrly systems

    1. Well..the reason i am silent is that there is no new weather update for Karachi…there is a lot of moisture in Karachi due to monsoon winds…the city needs a weather system near it for rainfall now…chances of rains from June 22..

  6. this deep depression will not give rain in karachi. before reaching sindh it get weak and chance of shower other parts of sindh .in karachi some clouds come but no rain before july

    1. there are always 50 50 chances in meteorology regarding long range from june 22 there are chances of rainfall…while the other forecast is that there will be cloudy weather over karachi..while another forecast is that it will be a normal day…so you see how many different forecast are there for a single event…

      And we really can not say that monsoon will begin from July…Yes, July is the official month of monsoon…but that does not mean that rainfall will start from first day of July…it could be the first day of August or last day of august too..this has happened in 2004 and 2005…

  7. i dont see any rains coming for karachi before mid july! , the advance of monsoon is somewhat quite disturbed this year :/

  8. INSHA ALLAH karachi will get good rains this monsoon just be hopeful this happens almost every year but then we see heavy heavy downpours lashing karachi.

  9. Deep Depression May have the strength to cross over to Pakistan
    Consensus view is now veering round to the possibility of the gradually weakening system sparing Mumbai its direct fury (but not all the rains) and wheeling into southwest Rajasthan and across the border into Pakistan.

    This would pan out over the next three to four days. Meanwhile, the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau, which correctly predicted the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal storms, has hinted that the Orissa/West Bengal coast might another low-pressure area over the next 8 to 10 days.

  10. Yaar jisko dekho to PUNJAB, NWFP AND KASHMIR ki predict karta rehta hai rain !! HAMARI SINDH NEI AAKHIR kiya kasoor keeya hai jo itni garmi hai yahan pe and rain ka koi pataa ya dekhaai hee nai !!! khaali clouds bi nai arahey hei yahan LARKANA mei please tell me LARKANA and SINDH mei rain system kab start hoga is saal ?

    1. No chances of rainfall in Sindh till June 20….after June 22 there are few chances that the remnants of Deep tropical depression BOB 02 might enter SIndh…if thats the case then only south eastern and coastal of parts of SIndh will get heavy rainfall…while much of central and upper SIndh will get one or two showers…upper sindh has very hot and dry climate than lower Sindh…

  11. very humid conditions prevailing in the city with loadsheeding making it more worsen for the karachites im just praying for torrential downpours
    secondly the unfortunate thing is that from last 3 -4 days we r seeing cloudy conitions but unfortunately no rains if this would be the situation else where then surely it would have rained

    1. these clouds are normal monsoon clouds, that indicate that there is a lot of moisture near the city….they do not cause rainfall but they cause light drizzle…Basic facts of rain in Karachi;
      1. Reports of storm over Rajasthan or Gujarat
      2. Winds coming from NE
      3. Temperatures rising
      4. SW winds dead and also sea breeze
      5. Humdity high

      Thats all..

  12. Larkana mei itni garmi hai and baarish yahan pe zaroorat hai buhat and baarish nahi hogi ? Heavy rainfall nai hosakhta nearly koi larkana mei jo garmi ka zor tordey plzzz tell me

    1. No chances of rainfall in Larkana during next few days…temperatures will decrease in coming days due to rainiy activity in Punjab and cloudy activity in lower Sindh…

  13. hmmm okay very said ….. but its also good because from now over rivers are going filling with waters becuase of rains occurs in PUNJAB and Upper parts …!! and pak met said that lower level of Flood is occuring in INDUS RIVER from now and may be change their shape in any Major flood

    1. Deep depression has formed over Bay of Bengal….now its over West Bengal…it is still maintaining its intensity even when its over land…Depression that form in Arabian sea are give ARB name..and if it forms over the Bay then its called BOB…they are given a name, which is next on the list when they reach cyclonic strength eg like Phet, Gonu, Nisha, Sidr etc, to remember them easily…uptill now 2 depression have formed in its called BOB 02…few weeks ago a depression ARB 01 also formed….This depression BOB 02 had intensified to become a deeper depression BOB 02 and is still maintaning strenght even over land….deep depression is equal to a strong tropical depression and weak cyclone on SSHS scale…

      its remnants might (50 50 chance) cause strong rain in Badin, Mirpur khas, Keti, Shah Bander, Umer Kot, Karachi and other adjoining cities…while light showers in other parts of Sindh including Larkana….but this storm could also fizzle out over India before reaching Pakistan..

  14. today it was unbearabely humid in karachi and it was unusually overcast sky it looked just like when there’s a weather system about to reach karachi i think the depression that originated over bay got something in bag for karachi otherwise karachi should have witnessed cool and windy weather rather it was more humid with less winds and overcast sky with high white clouds …

    1. yes it was unusually cloudy…for the month of June…usually these types of overcast start during the last days of June and continue till August….If some body remember…we had cloudy weather in May too…

  15. BABAR BAI thanx alot 4 givings us in4mation, babar bai chances of rain in karachi r increasing or decreasing due 2 deep depression?????

  16. so humid conditions prevailing in the city this year it is very painful for karachites rains………….. come soon

  17. good news for Karachian..there is some chance of Rain in Karachi during evening to night 17.00—23.00…otherwise mostly cloudy weather…

  18. @ Karachi Metro
    Tell exactly about Rain in Hyderabad And Karachi.. Which system will effect Sindh..
    F**K gud luck Of Gujrat Very heavy rains 😥

  19. @ Karachi Metro
    Can I hav ur Mob numb bro ?
    why Monsoon is starting late in Sindh 😥
    This year we will receive more rains thn 2010 ?? yes or No ?? tell me

    1. Yes, of course, this year Greater karachi and sindh will not have any good rains according to GFS,BBC, AND ALL BUT BUT PUNJAB,NWFP AND KASHMIR will have heavy downpours like always. According to GFS Maps even in july and august like last year Heavy flooding may occur in punjab,nwfp and kashmir. On the other hand Greater karachi will not get any good rains

  20. @ eveyone : pls wait u guys are asking too much atm 😛 … just wait till mid july and things will be much clear about the upcoming monsoon season

      1. dont expect any major falls before mid july , as for the clearing part for the coming monsoon season this year in sindh.

  21. bbc again rain near sindh also. i think fresh low pressure will give rain to sindh from 1 july lets see forward bbc forcast.

  22. as i said bbc forcast is best.again no rain near sindh also.i think new low pressure of bay of bengal is for sindh lets see and watch bbc forcast.

  23. Salam to allz my friends and i want to ask that still there is no Rain in Interior Sindh Or In Larkana City Please tell me why why pehly to esaa nai hota tha June Start hotey hee baarishein hojati thi start but is baar kiya problem hai weather mei ? JAB Dekho to Punjab Kashmir mei barishein bata rahein hein SINDH BALOUCHISTAN mei baarish hee nai hai why ?

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