Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon alert (July 1 – July 8)

  • Heat wave is gone for now!

  • 21 people dead across Pakistan!

  • Monsoon eyes South Punjab now!

  • Prays for Rain in Sindh! 


Monsoon season has begun in Pakistan with lots of rain, thunder and winds. The monsoon has brought relief to the Northern Pakistan while southern Pakistan is thirsty for some relief from scorching heat. Heat is till active in some parts of Balcohistan and Sindh, though monsoon rains will bring relief to Sindh but coastal Balochistan and adjoining areas near Iranian border should wait till November.

Heat wave – Is it gone?

Pakistan temperatures till July 8

The severe heat wave is gone, temperatures have relaxed down in especially the hot spots of Pakistan. Nawabshah is expected to get 41°C – 42°C, while it has seen 49°C  few weeks back. Sukkur will see temperatures around 43°C. In Hyderabad, temperatures are significantly low that will be around 37 °C compared to its summer temperature of 43°C. In Karachi, the temperatures will hover around 32 °C  to 33°C , the low temperatures in Karachi are due to cloud cover and overcast since mid-June. Temperatures in Karachi will stay around 33°C during the coming days.The people of Sindh could now relax for some time!

In other parts of Pakistan, due to heavy rainy activity the temperatures will remain 1°C to 3°C below in those areas. But still temperatures will reach around 42°C  in Multan, Lahore, Faisalabad and other cities of Punjab. In Islamabad, temperatures will hover around 38°C.

Weather-related incidents in Pakistan

Due to heavy monsoon rainfall in parts of Punjab, many houses have collapsed, mostly mud houses and many people have lost their lives. On June 29, some 12 people lost their lives in Punjab and many as 25 people were injured when monsoon lashed Punjab. On July 1, fresh showers have caused more houses to collapse in Punjab and 3 people have been reported dead.

In Sindh, at least 6 people have lost their lives as temperatures touched unexpectedly 51°C  in Dadu on June 28. Overall 21 people have lost their lives since June 28 in Pakistan’s weather related incidents. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) request the people to take precautions during the heat wave and during rainstorms.

Monsoon update 2011

  • Good monsoon from second week of July!

  • Monsoon in full swing in Punjab!

  • Karachi to see clouds only!


The map of monsoon 2011

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) had revised their monsoon forecast for 2011 and have now forecasted a below-normal monsoon all over the country. The IMD uses a new model to forecast the monsoon since 2007 and their forecasts have went as predicted, but in 2009 their forecasts went horribly wrong and 2009 proved to be the driest year in the history of India in the 21st century.

Monsoon has caused heavy rainfall across India but it is likely to reduce its intensity in Southern Peninsula. Monsoon will take 3 to 4 days to advance in some parts of Gujarat.


Monsoon season is causing light to moderate showers in parts of Punjab and will continue to do so with occasional gaps of sunny/partly cloudy conditions. Isolated heavy rainfall could occur in North-eastern Punjab during this week. Though as of now there are no chances of any severe event in any part of Pakistan from Monsoon. Monsoon is likely to be slightly above normal in Northern Pakistan due to the interaction between westerlies. Bay of Bengal may also get active during the second week of July. A Dry MJO phase has started weakening and conditions will be better over the Indian-subcontinent from second week of July.

In Karachi, people are waiting for the first drop of rain to fall but it seems as if the nature is listening only to other Karachiites who fear that rainfall will cause power outages and break down, flooding and cause hardship to the citizens and thus they do not want rain, Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) had forecasted that monsoon will hit the thirsty province of Sindh including Karachi on July 15, a decrease or increase in days can not be ruled out.

What do you forecast?

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) needs to know your thoughts;

219 replies to “Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon alert (July 1 – July 8)

  1. @ Danish Raza..
    Winds blow towards low pressure area, in summer the landmass is on greater temperature so the hot air lifts up and cool air comes to fill the space. When you see the map the southern india(gujrat, maharashtra, karnataka, kerala) has no land mass near it, so the winds come from arabian sea travel a lot of distance over the sea and then enter in the western india with lot of moisture, while sindh is geographicaly in such a postion that some of the moisture comes from northern arabian sea and rest of the moisture travels towards india, thats why we get little rain. On the other hand the western costline of india gets plenty of rain because the wind which travel towards india has lot of moisture in it.

  2. yesterday there was a heavy rain over sibbi. No one predicted that rain. Why no such rains are happening in karachi

    1. one or two spells in July…but the chances of that first spell are silm at the moment…they were moderate a few days ago though…situation might change per today…Many models do not suggest monsoon reaching Sindh any time soon…

  3. pEoplE shOulD RemeMber tHt pAkMetoFFice SaID MonSOON RaiN In LoWeR sINDH 4M JuNE 27 🙂 bUt WO Kabi be nah howa 😦 pAKmEt chorta bhaat Hai 😦

  4. I think all karachiites should buy vacuum cleaners and turn them on by keeping their face towards east, May be we can suck some moisture towards sindh and bring rains to our city. But this is not feasible b/c of KESC.
    🙂 😮

  5. Karachi Metro: i want to ask that now clouds are coming nearly and nearly to Sindh Province from Gujrat India so can you tell me what about weather in Larkana now in next 2 3 days ! HEAVY RAIN FALL IS Expected here !

    1. These clouds that are over Karachi…do indicate that weather will change in 24 hours…But not necessarily means that heavy rain is here…Slim chances of light rainfall/drizzle on July 8 till July 10…any one of these days…

    1. Islamabad/Pindi
      drizzle may occur tonight…till morning then from tomorrow night occasional showers with thunder till three to four days…same for pindi with slight variations…

  6. bhayiya karachi metro koi achi news dedo plz…. yaar ab to update chayiye yaaar achi waali baadal hamare upar hain map pe

  7. Or bhai Km ek baat aap se pochni hai k kia kabhe aisa bhe hua hai k BOB se low intensity ka system bane or khi pohanchne tak wo heavy hojae yani during travelling clouds heavy hojaen??????

  8. Monsoon will start late in Karachi this year and there will be very low precipitation.

    SIMILAR to the monsoon of 2008.

  9. What is update for LARKANA City i thnk no heavy rain fall here becuase sir monsoon clouds from , GUJRAT AND RAJASTHAN is going in Arabian sea and not crossing from upper SINDH Province! so is there any avalability of Cyclone ? in Arabian sea ?

  10. hopes are dying, seems difficult that we will see rains this year. Today its too hot in karachi, no good news in coming days. 😦

  11. Right now i wish i lived in Islamabad 😦 Udhar barish ho rahi hai aur yah sari hoi garmi ho rahi hai!!

  12. han bhai karachi under blood attack !!! but monsoon aaiga to inshallah blood khoon rezi band hojaigi INSHALLAH 😀 kunke Allah tallah apni REHMAT bejhga phr yeh sab band hojaiein gein

  13. what the hell??? I just saw the map again and the monsoon clouds have entered sindh and still no rain 😦 yaar km yeh kia musibat hai? If map shows monsoon clouds in sindh then y isn’t it raining?????

  14. there are very dark monsoon clouds over lower sindh but not a single drop of rain and no clouds in any where near punjab and daily heavy rains? Plz tell why we are thirsty for single rain as yet?

  15. see pakmet sattelite pic,there are thick clouds on lower sindh but there is no rain in lower sindh.y this is happening here?

  16. Pakmet’s satellite image is showing good clouds over karachi and no clouds on punjab,can anyone tell me why this is???and inshallah when good rains will start in karachi tell me right 100%….!!! this is web address which showing clouds on karachi…..,,,,

  17. Cmon guys don’t wait for rain in Karachi, as we are in HAARP attack. There is no unusual phenomena except human controlling the weather. Flashing sparks (called earthquake lights) on Karachi Sky is a living example for existence of elf/vlf waves.

    Something big is coming to us, be prepared and stay safe!

    1. HAARP is just pure chutiyapa , stop scaling this shit stuff , 1st tell me how in the world they can generate a billion watt and fire them @ the single point? if HAARP can control the weather hurricane andrew / katrina / and countless other storms would never hit the US coast line this is nothing but shit … stop spreading false intel … and nothing is coming to karachi earthquake lights ? WTF dude? u should stop login youtube , there is no way that humans can mess with these giant techtonic plats … u guys are asking for rains at the wrong time our time starts from 15th july so expecting stuff before is utter useless …hudd hai

      1. I appreciate your point of view but whatever i have to say, told earlier, either you agree or not.


  18. +why is it not raining in karachi ,while quetta getting rains in july ,i cant understand it rained today in quetta@km

    1. because monsoon is not here yet… I have not checked Quetta status today…but if it rained there…then it must be due to western trough..quetta is not a monsoonal city….

  19. ^ agreed! , ppl here dont understand the wind farm formations and raw data , which isn’t healthy for rains in sindh , monsoon shall come and it will come just about normal but asking for rain at this time is useless … monsoon peaks in sindh by mid august… so we have to wait.

  20. yeah okay but i still don’t get it…if maps are clearly showing monsoon clouds over sindh then y isn’t it raining? Is pakmet effing with us or something????

  21. pease sir abbottabad mian moonsoon kab shoroo ho ga ? aur 16jun to 30jun tak abbpttabad ka mosam kesa ho ga ..plz plz plz

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