Floods this year in Pakistan can’t be ruled out!

  • 7 people killed due to flooding in South Waziristan

  • Flooding this year high than last year!

Floods this year are more likely than last year due to the lack of planning this year, still many people are living in camps in Pakistan. Heavy winter rainfall this year has caused a large amount of snow cover over mountains which have started melting due intense heat in May and monsoon rains in June, which started early this year. Though heavy monsoon rainfall are yet to come but we have seen isolated flooding in North-West Pakistan before the monsoon. Reports suggest that 7 people died in South Waziristan on July 5 due to river flooding, three of them were women.

Officials in North West Pakistan have warned of possible floods in the coming monsoon rains across the Khyber province where in five districts, including metropolis Peshawar, have been declared as sensitive for flash floods.

The warning has come after water level has started gradually rising in the three major waterways of Kabul, Swat and Indus Rivers, which can cause floods in the monsoon season hitting almost all the areas in the province.
The government of Khyber has devised a contingency plan to face challenges of the possible floods in the forthcoming monsoon season. Special Monitoring Cells have been set up in the five sensitive districts in order to improve coordination between several departments for reducing the effects of the floods.

20% land of Pakistan was submerged

The United Nations have said that around five million people in Pakistan are at risk from floods this year, partly because of poor reconstruction and inadequate rehabilitation of survivors who are still reeling from the last year’s deluge. This year at least 29 people have died since June 25 in Pakistan due to heat wave and monsoonal rains, by adding the number of South Waziristan, the death toll rises to 36 till July 6. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) had warned of high risk flooding in Pakistan in the month of July and August, since March, which are as follows;

 Last year’s flooding which resulted from heavy monsoon rains across the country, leaving one-fifth of the country underwater is considered to be one of the worst humanitarian disaster in recent times. More than 20 million people were affected, mostly by destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure, with a death toll of close to 2,000. In early 2011, light rainfall with isolated heavy rainfall caused flash flooding in Baluchistan in February, at least 3 people were dead and 100 people were displaced.

One reply to “Floods this year in Pakistan can’t be ruled out!

  1. Yes, of course, This year also flooding may happens much severe than last year in punjab,nwfp and kahsmir to quetta and this flooding water may enter also in sindh. There is no chance of flooding rains over karachi this year so we do not worry at all even karachi has not yet received any rainfall and karachi never receives rains in winter also. I do not know why so much flooding rains forecast for punjab and nwfp? Lahore and islamabad are becoming wet and wet day by day

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