U.S bakes in Oven as heat wave shows wrath!!

24 people dead in United States

132 million told to watch

Eastern United States on stand still

The eastern and some central parts of the United States are experiencing unbearable level of heat and humidity over the weekend, due to a large heat wave that has gripped the country for a week, mainly the eastern and central parts are affected.

More than 132 million people are under a Excessive Heat Warning or Watch or Heat Advisory. Temperatures are 32°C to 38°C  but they feel like 46°C or higher due to alarming level of high humidity

Many records have also been broken in the Record country. The heat wave shifted slightly further east on Friday and it is gradually turning much cooler in some north central states and the prairie provinces. It was a different story in the U.S. Midwest where Chicago’s O’Hare Airport reported 6.91 inches of rain overnight leading to flooded roads. Reason for such a high temperatures? A shroud of high pressure has taken a foot-hold over the U.S. from the Plains to the Northeast, and with it has brought temperatures well into the 40s °C   for half of the country. This situation is nothing new to Pakistan we experience this condition every year!

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