Monsoon would once again surround Islamabad!

Pakistan Weather Portal: From Fame to a New Generation!

It is your blog – Hate it or love it, PWP is not going anywhere! Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) has covered a long distance, it started it’s journey on a sunny day of March 6, 2011 and in just two months started appearing on different international newspapers and other social media platforms notably the Washington…

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Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – September 2013 in Review!

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) made a total of seven articles in the month of September; Gwadar Island: Balochistan Earthquake fails to remain the top news of Pakistan! Second powerful Earthquake strikes Pakistan in a year – Panic grips Karachi! Post Monsoon Development: Tropical activity likely in Sindh? – Updated Harvest Moon: The Rise of the Orange Moon! Islamabad Airport…

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Karachi Flooded roads in March

Torrential rain brings Karachi to standstill !

‘Almost every year Monsoon brings Karachi to standstill’ People who say that it doesnt rain much in Karachi should change their view because when it rains it pours as if there is no tomorrow though the number of days of rain is indeed less in the metropolis. Karachi lie in the monsoon season so its…

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Strong thunderstorm activity seen during the 4th spell in North

Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (July 16 – July 31) – Updated on July 20

Negative Indian ocean Dipole declared! Lahore getting frequent rains Karachi waiting for it’s turn New Update issued Below from July 20 till July 31  Pakistan has turned into Monsoonistan as rains have moved into Pakistan, the only area of the country that continue to get proper rains is the northern areas that since the pre-monsoon activity in…

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Jama Mosque as monsoon clouds burst over New Delhi

Road map for ‘Monsoonistan’ laid: Rains move into Pakistan!

“This is the sixth article related to the monsoon season of 2013 and the last one of the year” ‘Monsoon remains strong despite threats?’ Pakistan is lashed by rains mainly from July to September from the South-west monsoon. The monsoon reaches Pakistan towards the beginning of July and establishes itself by the middle of the month.…

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Thunderclouds near Sindh on July 4

Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (June 28 – July 12) – Updated on July 4

Monsoon hits the north on June 27 Frequent rains since June 25 Rains return after 7 days! New Update is issued on July 4 –  Go Below Monsoon has advanced into the northern areas of the country mainly Azad Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and northern Punjab on June 27. Last rains (pre-monsoon) that occurred in the…

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