Another Typhoon moving towards Philippines now!!

This is a international tropical coverage from Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP);

  • Memories of Ketsana shattered by Nesat!

  • Typhoon Nesat kill 50 people!

  • Nalgae aiming Nesat-hit Luzon! 

As Philippine was observing commemorations for the nearly 700 people killed during the 2009’s typhoon Ketsana, which dumped a month’s rainfall in just 12 hours, powerful typhoon Nesat smashed the country’s coastline. Nesat has killed some 31 people in the country; with winds gusting to 93 mph (150 kph) and rainfall above 100 mm, the country’s capital Manila was completely brought to standstill on September 26 with at least 111,000 people immediately evacuated from the Albay province. Nesat is the 17th tropical storm and the 8th typhoon of the current year. Nesat was a dangerous category-3 hurricane that is still active (September 28) and moving towards Vietnam and adjoining China now after devastating Philippines.  But now another monster is moving towards Philippines!

There had been a total of 32 tropical depression in the western Pacific ocean during the current year.

Updates regarding Typhoon Nalgae

It is the 19th tropical storm of the current year, it is the 9th typhoon. It is moving towards the already typhoon-hit province of Luzon. Nalgae was a tropical depression on September 27 and reached a peak intensity of 150 mph typhoon on SSHS scale, a high-end category-4 hurricane on October 1 early morning.

It is now a major hurricane moving rapidly towards Philippines.

Update issued on October 1 at 11:30 pm PHT – LAST UPDATE

Typhoon Nalgae is now over South China sea and has rapidly moved away from Philippines thus limiting damage. The storm is category-2 at the moment and it is expected to weaken gradually and move further westwards to make second landfall. Heavy rainfall along strong windstorms hit many cities of northern Philippines today.

At the moment;

  • Movement – Nalgae is moving at 19 – 24 mph westwards
  • Winds – 95 mph gusting to 110 mph
  • Pressure – 960 hPa

Update issued on October 1 at 3:30 pm PHT

Nalgae makes landfall as a significant typhoon!

Nalgae has further intensified into a high-end category-4 hurricane. It has made landall and is over northern Philippines. It made landfall around 9 am over Dinapigue, Isabela, where Typhoon Nesat also made landfall on September 27.

Light showers are being reported across northern Philippines now with fast to strong winds (35 mph to 40 mph) including the capital Manila. Overall very heavy downpour with strong windstorms is expected till October 2 morning/mid-day. By tonight the storm will start to leave Philippines and enter south China sea, storm’s affect will reduce from October 2 morning/mid-day.

At the moment;

  • Movement – Nalgae is moving at 18 – 20 mph westwards
  • Winds – 150 mph gusting to 180 mph
  • Pressure – 940 hPa

Update issued on September 30 at 11:00 pm PHT

Rapid intensification – Nalgae now category-4 major hurricane

Typhoon Nalgae has rapidly intensified into a major hurricane, category-4 hurricane. The storm is just 590 km away from Manila, it had continued and will continue to  move in westwards direction till landfall in Luzon. It may further intensify during the next 24 hours. The affect of the storm is highly likely to start by Saturday. Very heavy downpour along with strong windstorms expected in Luzon during the period.

At the moment;

  • Movement – Nalgae is moving at 17 mph westwards
  • Winds – 130 mph gusting to 155 mph
  • Pressure – 940 hPa

Update issued on September 30 at 12:40 am PHT

Tropical storm Nalgae intensified into a category-1 hurricane and now 1, 195 km ENE of Manila. The storm has continued to move westwards. It is expected to further intensify into a category-2 hurricane due to favorable outflow and warm sea temperatures on late Friday/early Saturday, its affect will mostly start by Friday late or Saturday.

At the moment;

  • Movement – Nalgae is moving at 10 mph westwards
  • Winds – 85 mph gusting to 100 mph
  • Pressure – 975 hPa

Update issued on September 29 at 12:20 am PHT

Typhoon Nalgae is a moderate tropical storm at the moment. It is 1, 400 km away from east of Luzon province, while 1,639 km away from Manila. The storm is moving westwards and it is expected to move westwards during it lifetime. It will further intensify into a strong tropical storm due to favorable outflow and warm sea temperatures.

Storm’s outer band will start to affect mostly by Friday late night/Saturday morning. At the moment

  • Movement – Nalgae is moving at 5 mph westwards (slow)
  • Winds – 55 mph gusting to 75 mph
  • Pressure – 990 hPa

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