Is Global warming just a propaganda? – Part II

Global warming: Myth or Fact!

In Part-I, we have discussed about the history of Global warming, its fame and it’s effects but as said earlier that there are always two sides of the story so in Part-II we shall be discussing the possible propaganda that had a huge impact on the world of 21st century.

That propaganda as every one know is Global warming. Global warming is nothing more than a theory at this stage, some might say that it is just another hoax, just like Y2K bug of 21st century and the global cooling that made headlines in the 1960s and 1970’s. Some people think of global warming as being used to generate fear and panic and those behind this movement are using it to control people’s lives and for financial gain, in past there had been a number of world-wide propaganda that first created headlines but later the theory is discarded. Following is a theory related to global warming that once dominated the planet Earth;

“The Cooling Worlds”

This was the title of Newsweek in 1975. The paper wrote in 1975 that;

Minous signs that the Earth’s weather patterns have begun to change…..a drop of half a degree in average ground temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere between 1945 and 1968. The evidence in support of these predictions has now begun to accumulate so massively that meteorologists are hard-pressed to keep up with it….what causes the onset of major and minor ice ages remains a mystery not only are the basic scientific questions largely unanswered, but in many cases we do not yet know enough to pose the key questions”

Although the rumours of global cooling started in the early 1960s but they gained much popularity in 1975. It was said that severe weather and deadly storms would occur frequently on Earth (as it is said about Global warming) and the list goes on and on. However when the hype of global cooling started to fade in the early 1980s, some people or scientists came up with another term called global warming in 1975, which gained popularity in 1988. After this, the world never used the term global cooling again. On October 23, 2006, Newsweek apologised its readers about the news of 1975 after 31 years and claimed that it was “wrong”.

Global warming agenda!

Few possible reasons that why global warming hype is being created all over the world;

  • United Nations and its supporters wants to have global governance.
  • Climate science researchers wants to attract financial support.
  • Developed nation’s government wants to raise taxes.
  • A desire on the part of conservative political leaders to promote nuclear power while attracting the political support of Green groups
  • Move by some political leaders to use global warming for financial gain.
  • Leftwing political leaders wants to promote socialism.

Think for a second

Post-blizzard: Car covered with snow

Some people might blame global warming for every severe weather event but what must be taken seriously that severe or abnormal weather patterns is a part of the climate of the world. We can not blame every thing on global warming, there are some climatic phenomena that alter the weather over the world like ENSO-conditions or other phenomenons related to such things. Following questions you must think about global warming;

1. Some reports have suggested that glaciers in Greenland have recently been shown to be getting thicker.

2. There had been some record-freezing temperature recorded in the western worlds, so is global cooling true now?

3. Why has the world media now started using the term Climatic change instead of Global warming? To keep them self on the save side and to keep both (global cooling and warming) theories alive?

4. Why haven’t we seen any low-lying country bring sub merged under sea water till now?

5.  United States and European nations which have much more pollution-causing factories in the world, are begging Russia, China and India to shut down their factories in the name of global warming. Why are they not doing the same thing?

 In the end, It’s up to you what you believe is true or false!

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  1. babar bai ab comments me maza nai arha q k monson khatm hugya or ye btahe k winter rain ki kya prediction ha thanks

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