Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – November in Review!

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) made a total of 10 articles in the month of November;

  1. Back to Back Tropical Storms in the Arabian sea – Special Coverage!
  2. Pakistan Weather Update & Tropical Alert (November 25 – December 9)
  3. “Don’t mistake them for the Thunderbird!”
  4. Pakistan Weather Update (November 12 – November 25)
  5. Worst floods in 50 years continue to haunt Thailand; Death toll rises in Turkey!
  6. Did Karachi’s Stargazers miss something?
  7. Tropical activity again in the Arabian sea with ARB 03! – Special coverage!
  8. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – Eid ul Adha Mubarak!
  9. Cold winds changed the capital!
  10. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – October in Review!

Tropical special coverage of ARB 03 and 04

PWP did two tropical coverage for two weather systems that originated from the Arabian sea. Which are as follow;


The second was about ARB 04;

Article of month

Based on positive reviews, the article of November was “Don’t mistake them for the Thunderbird!” but after a discussion with our regular visitor, the new article of November is Back to Back Tropical Storms in the Arabian sea – Special Coverage!

4 replies to “Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – November in Review!

  1. I agree with the new decision.. And sorry for not being in touch more often, work picked up fast and being a one-man army is hard. Keep writing for us and we will keep reading! 🙂


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