The 200 Articles of Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP)

From Balochistan battered to Let it be La-Nina or maybe El-Nino?PWP has made 200 articles from March 6, 2011 till February 27, 2012. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) likes to thank all its readers and supporters from America to Australia for keeping the Pakistan’s first weather blog alive.

6 replies to “The 200 Articles of Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP)

  1. Congrats to PWP !! It is indeed a pleasure going thru your articles. always informative and very good coverage of Pakistan and sometimes world wide also.
    Ypu are doing excellent in educating the readers with the latest on the weather, which is otherwise difficult to get in a single format article.
    Wish you many more achievements..
    Vagaries is a follower of PWP and exchange of news between us is most important.

  2. Dear this great service. I always follow your articles and related news with vigour. These are very informative and worth reading. Please keep us uptodate as you have been in present.
    Best of wishes

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