Quake hits Japan and Italy – Floods in Afghanistan!

Three major incidents took place in three important regions of the world that is central Asia, Europe and south-east Asia. While earthquakes jolted Japan and Italy, it was the rainstorms that battered northern Afghanistan.

Torrential rains in Afghanistan

Two provinces of the country were affected which included Takhar and Sarepol. Western Disturbance 06 which is now over northern Pakistan is responsible for the latest heavy torrential rainfall that has so far claimed the lives of 21 people in the country.

Earlier Afghanistan saw it’s harshest winter in 15 years. Authorities have warned that rivers swollen by the melting snow may cause 15% of the land of the war-torn country to be submerged under flood.

Two quakes in Italy

One of the many buildings destroyed in the earthquake

An earthquake measuring the magnitude of 6.0 on the richer scale claimed the lives of six people while an aftershock of 5.1 magnitude later occurred in the northern part of Italy. At least thousand people are now homeless in the country as many historic buildings have collapsed.

The last major earthquake to hit Italy was the 6.3 magnitude shock which killed nearly 300 people in April 2009.

Two quakes in Japan

Japan was hit by an earthquakes measuring 6.2-magnitude on the richer scale, but there were no reports of damage and no tsunami alert was issued. Another earthquake occurred after 8 minutes.

4 replies to “Quake hits Japan and Italy – Floods in Afghanistan!

  1. @ K.M, Why still very active Western disturbance over Afghanistan to whole Pakistan except Karachi ?

    1. WDs are the main rain giving systems in Af, no other system causes rain there. Its normal for Af and adjoining north Pak to get WDs but these waves do not affect southern coast of Pakistan during summer season.

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