Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) launches it’s very first YouTube Channel!

“Broadcast Yourself”

Pakistan’s first weather blog has launched it’s very first YouTube channel from May 20. As a part of Portal Interactive, you could also send your videos to PWP. Click below;

The Forgotten Storm of Karachi

For the first time ever this storm would once again spin in the eyes of the people of Karachi because we bring you the video of a tropical storm that haunted the Karachiites in the 1985, to much surprise of the people, it weakened by the coast;

Other videos include the one about the cyclone whose remnants killed 12 people in Karachi in the month of June 1998. As a part of Portal Interactive, few videos from PWP Followers Nadir Hussain, Khawaja Sajid Ajmal, Farjad Akmal and Amir Ahmed have also been uploaded.

Today 13 years ago?

The cyclone killed at least 6400 people in Sindh. Many areas of coastal Sindh were flooded when 278 mm rainfall occurred with 125 mph winds that were gusting to 171 mph. (click here for more)

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