Portal Interactive: Earthquake in southwestern region of Pakistan

  •  This article is shared by Farjad Akmal for PWP from Karachi city, Sindh, Pakistan

A disastrous earthquake again stuck southwestern Pakistan on 19/01/2011 at 1.23am. This is second large magnitude earthquake hiting Pakistan after 2005 devastating earthquake(7.6Mw). The earthquake occurred at 45 km (30 miles) W of Dalbandin, Pakistan at depth of 84km which is kind of shallow earthquake. This earthquake is possible result of plate subduction system (Makran) in Balochistan with wide-spread thrust and strike slip faults system in the area speacially Chaman fault, ornach nul fauult and other blind fault system in interior Sindh.

This article highlights the probability of future earthquake for Karachi. Karachi is close to a plate boundary and within reach of earthquakes due to numerous tectonically active structures surrounding the city. The documented historical and modern seismicity record shows presences of various seismic zones such as Pab fault, Ornach Nal fault, Kutch fault and Surjan- Jhimpir faults. Runn of Kutch earthquake of June 1819 was large earthquake of 7.6Mw near Lakpat and killed about 1500 people. This recent earthquake is majorly connected with SW fault system which includes the border of  Pakistan next to Iran and Afghanistan which could have strong influence on nearby fault system of Karachi.

Simplified regional seismic hazard maps as are adequate for designing a majority structures and for zoning and planning purpose. But after the Muzaffarabad earthquake there is need to update all the data like isoseismal maps, seismic hazard zonation maps and probabilistic hazard analysis studies etc, according to latest information and observations. However in earthquake prone country, much more specific seismic site evaluation should be carried out for different structures like dams, bridges, freeways, high rise buildings, nuclear power plants and reactors etc. The estimates in this study can be very helpful in analyzing further this area regarding earthquakes. The author has conducted also other statistical studies for Karachi and its nearby areas and predicted potential earthquake for this region which could be very useful for developing future strategies to handle any emergency.

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