Portal Interactive: Pakistan on the edge of floods and drought in 2012

  • United States This article is written by Craig Dremann for PWP from Redwood City, California, United States of America

PAKISTAN balanced on edge of floods and drought, due to atmospheric dust

Large parts of Pakistan are dry

The rainfall image above is a very bad image to see, and shows the power of the atmospheric dust over Pakistan.  The dust backs up the moisture and causes flooding and
drought more efficiently than if you has a mountain range stopping that moisture.

For example, the USA is experiencing the worst drought in 50 years, because the dust cloud hovering over Arabia is blocking the westward flow of monsoonal moisture from India to the USA.

Today, you can see upstream of Pakistan where the monsoon originates north of Australia,  at http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/comp/latest_cmoll.gif, a huge amount of clouds are gathering to move westward. The position of the atmospheric dust over Pakistan and Arabia will dictate if Pakistan and the Arabian
peninsula will be in drought conditions in the next 30 days, or experience massive floods.

Do not expect normal conditions for the monsoons in Pakistan from this year forward, until the atmospheric dust cloud over Pakistan is recognized and managed.  The dust cloud is the most powerful controlling factor for rainfall on the planet, and since it is man-made, we have the ability to manage it.

Or we will be at the mercy of the Dust Cloud when it causes abnormal swings in the normal monsoon rainfall extremes, of severe drought like the USA is experiencing, or massive floods.  It is up to Pakistan and the countries of the Arabian peninsula to start managing this dust cloud, so that all of the peoples west of India can get consistent and normal rainfall each year.

We can start by the having our governments and meteorologists acknowledging that the Dust Cloud exists, then form a plan to manage the conditions on the ground that create the dust cloud, so that it does not play a role in causing droughts or floods in the future.  Reference: http://www.ecoseeds.com/cool.html.

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