Europe suffering from cold temperatures and heavy snowfall

Second Winter Outlook (2012 – 2013): Pakistani Winter losing power in 2013?

The winter season 2012 – 2013  started late this year with almost regular warm periods that made the people feel as if winter would not stay much longer. On December 25, 2012 Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) asked the people about their experience of winter. 65% people voted that this winter is hotter while 34% voted…

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Amazing stories of 2012

2012 – Spectacular weather events in Pakistan!

Once again we are in that time of the year when we have to say goodbye to our old memories and move into a new era hoping that the new year brings happiness and joy to our life. In the year 2012, Pakistan had to go through a lot due to its political and economic…

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Disturbance has intensified

Christmas formation: Tropical storm forming in the Arabian sea – Special Coverage

“This is a special tropical coverage that started from December 22 and ended on December 24!” During the 2012 North Indian Ocean cyclone season, a total of four tropical depressions formed, one in the Arabian sea while three in the Bay of Bengal. All these storms intensified into a deep depression while only two further…

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Cyclone 'Nilam' intensifying as of October 30

Double Tropical activity in North Indian Ocean – Special Coverage!

“This is a special tropical coverage that started from October 24 and ended on October 31!”  Double tropical activity has been observed in the North Indian Ocean’s Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal. On the average there are four to six tropical storms in this basin but this year there had only been one in…

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Strong weather system near Malay Penninsula

Bay of Bengal warming up for a showdown?

‘100% chance of depression in the Bay!’ The Bay of Bengal for the first time ever in this year is getting all warmed up for an event that could be a cause of worry for the residents of eastern India, and maybe for Bangladesh. A tropical cyclone could form in the central Bay of Bengal during the…

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September 6 - Extremely Low lying clouds in Karachi

Post drought: Monsoon broke silence over Karachi!

 “This is the seventh article related to the monsoon season of 2012 and it will be followed by the last article” The monsoon season came to an unhappy ending but at the last moment it realized that it had forgot to pour in Karachi. The mega metropolis had remained largely dry since the beginning of…

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Sea Level: The variation is quite evident

Cyclones and sea levels are rising but slow!

“The Threat of Coastal Flooding very much alive “ Everyone must have heard that the climate change would have a huge impact on the lives of the people but the people never know when such conditions would erupt, we have heard a lot about increase in cyclones, gradual rise of sea waters and countless other…

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