100 year old record broken in Jacobabad!

  • 100 year old broken!

  • 400+ mm rainfall

  • All is over!

It was a delay monsoon but when it poured it broke all the records it created in the past, from the night of September 9 till the afternoon of September 10, extremely heavy downpour paralyzed the northern city of Jacobabad in Sindh province. No death from the city has been reported.

Streets flooded in Shikarpur on September 10 morning

The city has received 305 mm rainfall in 24 hours while a total of 441 mm rainfall was recorded in 36 hours. The latest spell had started since the first week of September in Sindh and has continued so far but its intensity has now decreased. The rain giving low pressure has weakened and it is expected to weaken significantly on September 11 thus the rains would decrease from tonight in the province.

13 thoughts on “100 year old record broken in Jacobabad!

  1. @ K.M, Many many records are break this year and not only jacoabad. One things i am not able to understand that if even by mistake some year Biggest City like Karachi gets only 300mm during whole year then you say that Karachi record break? What’s this? Such a biggest city and financial capital of Pakistan Karachi needs at least 1,000mm of rains each year in order to pour each area of Karachi. Really, This year is very disappointment in Karachi because many areas only got drizzle or light rains.Islamabad like cities gets at least 2,000mm of rains each year including Winter rains then you never say that records break. Actually, Karachi has not any good record regarding rains but everyone should happy if Karachi gets good rains by mistake. Balochistan getting heavy monsoon downpours from two years which is unusual and you are not saying that records break.

  2. @KM, AOA.
    I have been a regular visitor of your site. Very informative.Many things which are not mentioned on any weather website is given in detail here.

    Babar bhai, please do write a detailed article on the RAIN-Blocking conditions you mentioned earlier that were causing less rains in more than 2/3 of the country.
    I think this is a really important phenomenon.

    Waiting for your article.

    Allah hafiz.

  3. Babar bhai you predicted spells very well and I agree this monsoon broke many records this will be a nightmare for many years but thanks to Allah my area is safe and rains gave the new life to crops.

    It seems monsoon is likely to subside specially in Sindh what are your predictions regarding my area (Dist Umerkot & Mirpurkhas)

  4. Aoa I am syed Musa, a farmer in southern Punjab Khanpur, can you kndda tell the scope of the monsoon 2013 in khanpur/ rahimyarkhan inorder plan crops . waitin for reply

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