Portal Interactive: Dust cloud retreats to Arabia, leaves Pakistan vulnerable to floods

  • United States This article is written by PWP-Reader Craig Dremann from Redwood City, California, United States of America
Dust cloud!

Monsoon cloud filled with moisture are moving over Pakistan, after the Dust Cloud retreated westward to Arabia. However, the Dust Cloud is still blocking the westward movement of the rainfall, stalling it and potentially causing floods. This is a very similar situation as what happened in the July-August 2010 Pakistan floods.

Replanting the local native perennial grasses, wildflowers, and native trees in the barren parts of the countries that the monsoon moisture passes over, like western India, Pakistan, and Arabia, will allow the moisture to flow evenly westward and not get stalled, causing floods and torrential downpours. The use of the wildflowers to tame the monsoon adds a new definition to the 1960s phrase, “Flower Power.”

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14 replies to “Portal Interactive: Dust cloud retreats to Arabia, leaves Pakistan vulnerable to floods

  1. Pwp what does this article mean? Is it a latest article whats going to happen? It means more rains or what? But sindh cannot afford another batch of rain i m worried

  2. Aslam o Alaikum i m from D.I.Khan
    i followed ur updates throughout the moon soon season. u mentioned that moon soon is withdrawing from pakistan. is there is any chance of rainfall during rest of sepetember if yes what would be the intesty.and can u give me the detail of total precieption during recent moon soon

  3. @KM Will you post any article relating to post monsoon activities? Eg rough quantity of western disturbances and their intensities particularly in northern half of pakistan…

    1. No buddy, I would publish last two articles related to monsoon 2012 (one about Karachi and other about its ending)…after that everything would be mentioned in the Pakistan Weather Update. No more updates from ‘Monsoon of Pak’ as well till next year.

    1. It depends, they are mostly weak but if a depression/ cyclone forms then heavy rains occur. But what I have mentioned in the last update (Monsoon of Pak) is about slim chances of drizzle in south-eastern Sindh.. they are not much important.

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