Portal Interactive: Some of the intense (50+ mm) rainfall in Lower Sindh in 1994

  •  This list has been shared by Umair Dero from Hyderabad, Pakistan
On 6th JULY: Mithi 120 mm, Badin 90 mm & Hyderabad 55 mm
• On 16th JULY: Karachi 64 mm
• On 17th JULY: Karachi 56 mm
• On 1st AUGUST: Nawabshah 81 mm
• On 2nd AUGUST: Mithi 222 mm, Badin 176.5 mm & Hyderabad 104 mm

• On 20th AUGUST: Tharparkar 100+ mm


• On 28th AUGUST: Mithi 81 mm, Badin 75 mm & Karachi 65 mm
• On 29th AUGUST: Mithi 78 mm, Nawabshah 61 mm & Hyderabad 50 mm
• On 2nd SEPTEMBER: Karachi 55 mm
• On 3rd SEPTEMBER: Mithi 125 mm, Nawabshah 143 mm & Hyderabad 81 mm
• On 4th SEPTEMBER: Mithi 88 mm, Badin 56 mm, Umarkot 52 mm & Hyderabad 51 mm
• On 8th SEPTEMBER: Tharparkar 200+ mm & Badin 125 mm,
• On 9th SEPTEMBER: Badin 122 mm.

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