Portal Interactive: Blackout of Planet?

  •  This article have been shared by Farjad Akmal from Karachi, Pakistan
NASA Going crazy after they issue a warning to Public about the total blackout expected to occur in December 2012.NASA Officials claim,
It is not the end of the world, it is an alignment of the Universe, where the Sun and the earth will align for the
first time. The earth will shift from the current third dimension to zero dimension, then shift to the forth
dimension. During this transition, the entire Universe will face a big change, and we will see a entire brand new
The 3 days blackout is predicted to happen on Dec 23, 24, 25.

The days which they are predicting are known as December Solstice.
What is a Solstice ?
solstice is an astronomical event that happens twice each year as the Sun reaches its highest or lowest excursion relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere. As a result, on the day of the solstice the Sun appears to have reached its highest or lowest annual altitude in the sky above the horizon at local solar noon. The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), because at the solstices, the Sun stands still in declination; that is, the seasonal movement of the Sun’s path (as seen from Earth) comes to a stop before reversing direction.
Well NASA should know that an alignment of Universe means that Sun will rise from west and which in Islam is called the last hour before Qiyamah.
Some references from the Holy Quran:
1) Chapter 02:Verse258:- “Abraham said, Verily!Allah causes the sun to rise from east; then cause it to rise from the west”
2) Chapter 06:Verse158:- “The day (ie. Portents of the hour e.g., sun rising from the west)that some of the signs of your Lord (Allah) do come, no good will it do to a person to believe then, if he believed not before, nor earned good through his faith”Proof from Narrations of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him):- Abu Hurayrah(RA) narrated that the messenger of Allah (Pbuh) said, “The day of the hour will not come until the sun rises from the west, if it rises and Allah places His hand at night to forgive his morning sinners, and places in the morning to forgive his night sinners until the sun rises from the west” (Sahih Muslim).

This phenomena is likely to occur in future but not now because still lots of signs are left..But only ALLAH knows Best………….

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  1. mayans and others could not see byond it because the knowledge of kahanat ends here and we muslims should depend on what revelations prophet (saw) gave. the artical is just fear mongring

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