Unknown Electrical Object falls in Dadu from sky!

 ‘Took 24 hours to solve the mystery!’

Electrical object in Dadu

According to T.V reports, an unidentified electrical object fell from the sky in Dadu town, Sindh on November 28. Many people have voiced their side of the story, some people say that a ‘large’ blast occurred in the sky others point it to the Army, saying that they might be testing their missiles. Some even went far by declaring the incident as an invasion by Aliens.

This story is developing as more information is still coming – See Video from Express Urdu News and another Video from Geo News. The military authorities did not allow media persons to see the unknown object, the incident received much awaited attention from the Press on November 29, updates would be given if necessary;

Update on November 30 at 6:00 pm PKT – NEW

Unknown object part of Missile

Unknown object part of Missile

After almost 24 hours since the story was reported in the Press, authorities and Army that remained tight lipped on the issue since the beginning have revealed that the electrical mechanical object was a part of  Hatf V (Ghauri) missile that was tested on November 28 (the same day the electrical object was found falling from the sky).

The spokesperson of Pakistan Army (ISPR) said “Motor body separated from the missile as planned, well within the safety corridor”. The objects fell in a village just 30 km away from Dadu town that could have been a disaster for the living population. ARY News channel video breaking the news that the unknown object was a part of Hatf V missile.

Update on November 30 at 12:00 pm PKT 

Leaked picture of the metal

Leaked picture of the metal

Not only one piece fell in Dadu but number of them hit the town, one of them weighed 6 kilogram while the heaviest was 187 kilogram.  The devices are equipped with fuel tanks, CPUs, circuits, card readers, exhausts and gauges which shows that the technology is extremely advanced.

Update on November 29 at 11:00 pm PKT

Closer view of the unknown object

Police in the Johi area says that a huge blast occurred in that part of Dadu. The object is an iron piece weighing 187 kilogram wrapped with electrical wires.

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6 thoughts on “Unknown Electrical Object falls in Dadu from sky!

  1. Its nothing to be worried about. They were part of the booster stage of the Ghauri missile which was tested. Before the missile starts to home in on the target, the booster stage of the rocket separates from the warhead and falls to the ground, while the warhead proceeds to strike the target.

    • It is normal but the problem is that it occurred in a somewhat populated area (population of the district is 1,688,811 – 1998), these test are mostly done in desert areas of Balochistan. Also after the incident occurred on November 28, it took the officials two days to verify that what has happened, only after the news came to top media channels!

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