Punjab shivers – Dense fog and Icy winds spices up winter in Lahore!

Foggy world in Punjab – Possible relief coming!

Lahore under severe fog
Lahore under severe fog

People of the cultural hub of the country are being forced by nature to stay indoors as dry conditions have developed over the country since weeks leading an increase of icy winds along with dense fog that has brought the true spirit of winters to Lahore and other cities of Punjab.

Condition in Lahore is bad!

Fog is developing in the city from the morning till mid-day then during the evening it again develops. According to some reports, the visibility in the city dropped to 200 meters on the night of December 23 as the temperature dropped to a shivering 3.5 °C.

PWP reader Daniyal from Lahore on December 23 experienced familiar conditions, “Pretty cold in Lahore too. Its 5 pm and its already 10°C and dense fog has covered the city.” By 8:00 pm PKT, the temperature had dropped to 8°C.

Fog in other cities as well!

Horse cart on a foggy day
Horse cart on a foggy day

Fog had enevloped other cities of Punjab as well which include Sialkot, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Multan and other surrounding cities. According to PWP reader Umar Khan, who is in Sialkot;” There was very dense fog in the morning which remained for hours in Sialkot”, he further adds that, “Even in the afternoon there is no warmth in the Sun and its slightly foggy and windy. It seems it will be even colder and foggier from tonight”. 

Any relief in sight?

This situation would last till two days however there is a relief coming towards Pakistan to end the dry period as temperatures in Lahore and other cities of Punjab are expected to increase in the coming days before another drop and possible the return of fog!

6 replies to “Punjab shivers – Dense fog and Icy winds spices up winter in Lahore!

      1. nope, last December was never foggier for the streets of Multan. However it did occur in the suburbs, on highways near Multan in the month of december. We witnessed fog “inside” city in the month of January. I’m sure ’cause I, myself took a picture of fog from the roof of my house and the date written on it is Jan 7, 2011

  1. Thanks bhai 🙂 .
    last night was the foggiest of this season but as u predicted foggy conditions have dissipated in the early morning however its slightly overcast here in Gujranwala.

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