Froze to Death: The Wall Between Nature and Child!

“This is a real incident that occurred in Japan on March 4”


Bleak and Cheerless Story

On a snowy day in Yubetsu in Hokkaido, Japan, a little girl named Natsune, aged only nine years lost her only parent in a freakish and foul blizzard that froze her father to death. Mikio Okada, a fisherman by profession, he was a father that would delay the start of his work just for the sake of enjoying a family breakfast with his daughter.

The fateful day begins

The Last Blizzard

The Last Blizzard

On a typical snowy evening of March 4, Mr Okada had picked her only daughter from school after work while on their way, the haunting blizzard with winds up to 109 kilometre trapped their truck in a middle of the road as sheets of snow continued to fall mercilessly, eventually the truck had become stranded in the driving snow. The pair had no option but to travel by foot. Okada carried his daughter in the arms and covered her with his jacket exposing himself to the everlasting blizzard but his main concern was to keep his daughter warm which he did.

Gust of death – Wall Between the Nature and Child

After only covering few metres, Okada died as the gusty winds froze him to death, he did everything to protect the life of his daughter. When he was found, Okada was in a bent position, acting as wall between the Nature and his daughter Nastune. The girl in the frozen hands of her father was weeping and crying slowly.

Cake ready for celebration!

The incident occurred on ‘Girl’s day’ which is a family festival in which families across Japan decorate their houses with dolls. The touching story is that Mr Okada had bought a cake for his daughter and was looking forward by celebrating it with his child.

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