Heatwave enters as soon as Winter ends – Karachi burns!

‘Spring Record Broken ?’

Flowers shine during the heatwave

Flowers shine during the heatwave

This week Karachi was burning both politically as well as climatically, there is no doubt that this winter for Karachi was rainy and at the same time warm, the winter started late but ended normally. As soon as the winter ended, a heat wave entered the city including it’s province where it caused temperatures to reach above 35°C especially from March 5 till March 7 thus depriving the city the pleasant air of spring.

What is causing this heat wave?

A high pressure over northern Arabian sea and adjoining southern parts of Pakistan which has caused temperatures caused to rise in the southern province of Sindh where temperatures had been above 35°C especially from March 5 till March 6. This pressure would soon be replaced as a low pressure area would enter the country on March 8.

When will this burden end?

Together - Spring and Summer

Together – Spring and Summer

As soon as the western disturbance ’22’ would enter the country, the south-western winds would force their entry into Karachi and by March 9, the temperature would come back to the temperatures of spring season. The temperatures would come back to 30 to 33°C, which is quite pleasant and the mercury would range between them till middle of March. 

In 2012, a  heating trend started in the second last week of February due to the same developing conditions in the Arabian sea but at that time the northern areas of the country were still under a coldwave.

Has the heat wave set record?

The record for March has not been broken as the maximum temperature in March of Karachi was recorded at 42°C on March 19, 2010. But the highest days of hot temperatures in March occurred in 2004 when many days temperature more than 36°C was recorded, from March 18 till March 20, 40°C was recorded in Karachi in 2004. It is worth mentioning that this heat wave has broken the temperatures of first week of March, following are the recorded temperatures mentioned;

  • On March 5, 2013 – 36°C was recorded.
  • Record NOT broken – 36°C was recorded in 2004.
  • On March 6, 2013 – 37 °C was recorded.
  • Record broken – 36°C was recorded in 2004.
  • On March 7, 2013 – 39°C was recorded.
  • Record broken – 33°C was recorded in 2004.

The coming week and the third week of March could be cooler for Karachi due to continuation of western winds. Thats the spring spirit!

6 thoughts on “Heatwave enters as soon as Winter ends – Karachi burns!

  1. Heatwave in Lahore will also subside? (Temperatures were 31 so I’m guessing this heatwave affected Lahore too?)

  2. Thank god Islamabad was save from the heat wave.Today is forecasted to be rainy with thunderstorms as well.

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