Portal Interactive: Tropics that affected Karachi and Other coasts of Pakistan

  •  This article have been shared by Waseem Ahmed from Karachi, Pakistan


Tropical Effects on Karachi Detail

Arabian Sea, about 20 years ago was known to be a ‘Silent’ or ‘Quiet’ sea and formation of storms/cyclone in this part of north Indian Ocean was very rare. However in recent past it has been very active with producing some very strong or severe Tropical Systems and Monsoon Lows that caused large scale damages in many countries neighboring the Arabian Sea including Pakistan, Oman and India.

Tropical Effects Summary

Attached is a brief detail of some of the ‘Tropical Impact Years’ on Pakistani coasts especially Karachi during last 22 years.

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10 thoughts on “Portal Interactive: Tropics that affected Karachi and Other coasts of Pakistan

  1. salam babar bhai,
    is there any chance of storm to develop from this circulations?
    any chance to hit pakistan?
    is it the same you were talking about few months ago in Water is Gushing towards pakistan post?

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