Lenticular Clouds and the skies of Pakistan!

‘Want to see a special cloud?’

Lenticular cloud over K2 Mountain in Pakistan
Lenticular cloud – Can you guess this place?

These clouds are a special type of clouds they mostly occur over the mountainous regions as they need the perfect conditions to form, lenticular clouds form at high altitude between 6,000 to 12,000 meter mostly near or over mountains as the stable moisture laden air flows rapidly over rise in elevation, causing condensation. Afterwards the warm air forms a wavy pattern resulting in a wave cloud. The meteorological name of lenticular cloud is ‘Altocumulus lenticularis’. They are indeed a stunning meteorological phenomenon!

Mistaken for UFOs !

Lenticular clouds over K2 mountain in Pakistan
Lenticular clouds over K2 mountain in Pakistan

Some people have mistaken them for Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) as these clouds are similar to the Alien spaceship portrayed in the Hollywood films.

Apart from UFOs, they also resemble pancakes or even plates – depending upon the thinking of a person.

Visible in Pakistan?

Lenticular clouds can be easily differentiated due to their unique look, since they form between 6,000 to 12,000 metre, they are visible in the extreme northern areas of the country along the Himalayan and the Hindu Kush ranges (both are above 7,000 meter)!


29 replies to “Lenticular Clouds and the skies of Pakistan!

  1. very informative. Keep the good work continues Babar. Any new update for next pre-moonsoon / moonsoon reaching pakistan

    1. Thank you 😀
      Monsoon moisture is reaching the northern areas of the country while western winds too have started attracting moisture, rain can occur in the north this week.

  2. Babar bhai Is there any chances of Monsoon rain in risalpur in this week? Extreme Hot weather conditions are prevailing during last three to four days In Risalpur.

    1. Would be soon updating once June ends. Right now focusing on the current rains. Since Ramadan is falling in July, PWP mentioned in Monsoon V that Early July can be near to normal after that it could be below normal.

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