Islamabad Airport turned into a ‘Waterport’

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Ladies and Gentlemen you have landed at Benazir Bhutto International “Waterport”, Islamabad?

On August 6, a severe wave of monsoon rain hit the capital city causing all flights to be cancelled as rain water gathered over the runway. The rain (107 mm) was due to the seventh monsoon spell that brought heavy downpour to many areas of the north. Just six days after, monsoon 2013’s strongest eighth spell hit the upper parts bringing very intense rains there, Islamabad got 202 mm on August 13 and 103 mm on August 14.

Islamabad got 567.3 mm rain in the month of August as compared to the average monthly rain of 334.7 mm.  Islamabad and the north had one active monsoon this year!


2 replies to “Islamabad Airport turned into a ‘Waterport’

  1. Speaking of an active monsoon… this has been an active year of rainfall for Islamabad airport. This year’s total rainfall (as of Sept 13) stands at 1747 mm just 80 mm shy of the all time record of 1828 mm set in 2007.

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