Portal Interactive: Finding and Locating the Correct Directions

  •  This article has been shared by Waseem Ahmed for PWP from Karachi city, Sindh, Pakistan

KarachiMap for Directions

Reading or explaining any weather forecast, most of the time areas and regions are mostly mentioned by ‘Directions’ (like eastern, western, northern, southern or NE, NW, SE, SW) not areas names. Most or many of common people do not understand or find exact locations by these directions or may confuse a bit when they listen or read the updates.
I have already written an article about “Map of Karachi” published by PWP in December 2012 (to provide know how about ‘geographic location of different localities of Karachi’).
Given matter is an attempt to make people get the ‘Concept of Directions’ on the Maps as well at their own location like home or any workplace.

Pak Map for directions

Detail narrated in Urdu is for the purpose to share this knowledge with maximum common people and to avoid any confusion in given methods or details given in the article.
(Please download the given pictures and get closer views by ‘zooming’ them.)


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