About Us

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) is the first weather blog in Pakistan. It was created on March 6, 2011 and ceased its daily operations in 2014, and returned back to service in 2021. We here at PWP provide climatic research posts that are verified and cross-checked before publishing.

The Portal inspired a generation of individuals from 2011 to 2014, many of whom started their platforms. The blog was founded and edited by Babar Hussain, a climate activist and weather hobbyist who started following the weather after the unfortunate and unusual events of June 23, 2007, in Karachi, Pakistan.

For further information and Inquiries

Contact us at: pakweatherportalpwp@gmail.com

Following are the official social media accounts of PWP;


  1. Washington Post, one of the most popular newspapers in the world from the United States, mentioned PWP’s article on the outbreak of  Peacock disease. (check here)
  2. The Guardian, one of the most popular newspaper of the world from the United Kingdom, mentioned PWP’s view on the heatwave of 2013. (check here check here). UK journalist John Vidal mentioned PWP’s view on his blog as well (check here)
  3. Muscat Dailya famous newspaper in Oman has mentioned PWP many times. (check here)
  4. Oman now, a news website mentioned PWP in November. (check here)
  5. Dawn News, Pakistan’s leading English newspaper mentioned PWP. (check here)
  6. The Nation, a Pakistani newspaper, took some paragraphs from PWP’s article on Karachi’s dust storm. (check here)
  7. The Global Warming Foundation, an American website that focuses on Global Warming, highlighted PWP’s heat wave article. (Check here)
  8. Siasat, a forum that discusses the political situation of Pakistan, mentioned PWP’s article on Karachi’s dust storm. (check here).
  9. Pakistan Meteorological Department took pictures from PWP which would refer to our blog once you click them. (check here). 
  10. Focal Points, a blog run by a foreigner, mentioned Monsoon of Pakistan. (Check here)
  11. Bharat Rakshak, a forum that discusses the military situation of India, mentioned PWP’s article on Dust storm in Peshawar. (Check here)
  12. Homeopathy World Community, a group website that looks after the victims of natural disaster, mentioned the Weather patterns in Pakistan by PWP. (Check here)
  13. Pakistan fisherfolk, a group that looks after the safety and their welfare, followed every update of PWP regarding the expected cyclone. They mentioned us on their Facebook page and Twitter page. (Check here and here)
  14. Pakistan Red crescent society, PRCS is a humanitarian organization, dedicated to improving lives of vulnerable segments of the society, PRCS has mentioned PWP on their monsoon updates. (check here)
  15. Humanitarian Response of Pakistan has mentioned PWP in their monsoon updates. (check here)
  16. Climate Himalaya, a website led by south Asian users highlighted PWP’s Green Revolution in November 2011. (check here)
  17. Jinn Org, a site about demons and supernatural beings mentioned Seraiki myth – Dust storms are possessed by Demons! in April 2012. (check here)
  18. World Weather Post, a website that collects the best articles related to weather from all around the world has mentioned PWP many times. PWP’s tropical coverage remained on top for 5 continuous week on that website, beating BBC, CNN, Reuter and Hindustan times. (check here)
  19. PWP is also mentioned on many international forums and blogs from Manila to New York. PWP’s tropical coverage was translated by many Omanis in Arabic and they followed us hour by hour (check some of these here)
  20. PWP is also mentioned on many Facebook and twitter pages of different people around the world.  

Logos over the year

  • Vintage and original Logo of PWP used in 2011
  • Earth Day Logo briefly used in 2011
  • Legacy Logo of PWP used from Mid 2011-2014. It represents the most popular days of this blog
  • Hurricane PWP logo used in 2014.
  • Icy PWP logo used in 2022

33 replies to “About Us

    1. Nice work. I am very interested in Meteorology. I am a ex seafarer and such has studied Meteorology. Its great to have Met site on Pakistan. My hat is off to you.

  1. Great Work. I appreciate your efforts for this weather blog. I am sure it’ll be very useful for those who keep a close eye on the weather conditions. I’ve already added this blog to my Favorites.
    Keep doing the good work. Cheers!

  2. Assalaam-u-Alaikum
    I am Waseem Ahmed (age 35, Nazimabad No. 5 Karachi): It’s great , and might be a bit late, to find such great and first solid and useful ‘weather blog’ or material about Pakistan weather. You believe or not I have great interest in weather related events since childhood. I have about last 22 year Karachi weather summary record of Karachi (as I have been noting day by day condition and temperature of the city in Diary every year) and many stats about the extreme weather in Karachi.
    If you would like and permit, I can provide some of the data for your blog.
    JazaakAllah & regards,
    Waseem Ahmed

  3. Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is fantastic, as well as the content!

  4. keep the good work. I was the one constantly changing Climate of Karachi page in wikipedia and updating it along with you.lol
    I was thinking at the time who is the other person who is so mad about climate and he keeps on updating before me.
    And yes you are right the rain recorded in different stations of Karachi were above 700 mm in 2010 however Met office only has record of Karachi Airport. However the eman average rainfall should be the average of all the stations in a city and not just the one station.

  5. Hey bro u really have done a gr8 job… and i ave also a gr8 interest in climate and weather since childhood and now a days its on the peak due to the monsoon has just started to penetrate in different parts of the country… So i’m very thankful to you that you have made such a nice platform through which i can get updates of weather at any time….

  6. Great effort. Lots of luck. One comment – you’ll round off your reports much more completely if you include forecasts. In specific, the 17th July 2011 article is comprehensive in describing the end of the 3rd phase of the Monsoon – but its missing the one-liner about when/ how long/ how intensive is the 4th phase predicted.

  7. I’m very impressed by this site. I’m 19 and I’m crazy about windstorms and intense weather. I have been personally accumulating extreme weather for Rawalpindi, my hometown. I’m so glad to see a weather blog dedicated just for this purpose and sure is the best I have ever seen from Pakistan! 🙂

  8. Aslam o alikum
    Gud to see new change in the page,babar bai is there any chace of rain in karachi due to this cyclone???

  9. Change is always good. The new look is definatley better. Would appreciate if minimum & maximum temperatures of major cities of Pakistan are mentioned on the home page.. Again. job well done.

  10. babar bhai i appreciate ur efforts, u really doing a great job,, in the sense of giving awareness about the mood of weather.

  11. Nice to see such things coming out of Pakistan. You are improving the image of your country. Gud Luck Mr.Malik

  12. apreciate the authentic work ual do, weather determines so much in human life, pakistani people though giv it 2 little atention, more atention wil hv 2 b givn coz soon we will b colecting rain water for alll r needs, as u can see da desperate water situatuion,

  13. pakmet.com ko mai arse se follow kar raha ho lakin har bar mayosi k siwa kuch nhy mila aisa lagta hai k pakmet sirf northern areas ko hi forcast karta hai sindh k bare mai pakmet mai koi information nhy milty .jab k ap kam kam karachi k bare mai tu forcast pash karte ho
    fuck pakmet.com
    i hate pakmet

  14. Assalaamualaikum !

    Mr. Babar & PWP Viewers

    My name is Muhammad Akhtar . I am a fresh viewer of your blog . I really like your this blog . Thank You for making this blog . Please teach me about Weather Sciences if possible . Kindly i am requesting . I have been trying to learn about Meteorology by own myself through Internet for 12 years .

    Thanks .

  15. Baber Hussain bhai we all congratulate you to create such beautiful and informative blog here in pakistan.for that i must say awesome work keep going up…. Allah Bless you.

  16. A very good effort and a useful site that can be improved considerably.

    This 3rd para in “who we are” needs to be rewritten in a logical and scientific language. The sentences and conclusions do not make rational sense.

    Important that souces of metreological information presented here are quoted.

    Important is the prediction of the expected weather in the comming days, at least for a week. And also a comparison of the prediction with the actual after the end of the weak.There is not much I could find in this respect.

  17. the aim of this portal sbohld be to find out wether monsoons are undergoing a change inpPakistan. This is important as it willl tell us bow many inches of raim has sindh and balucbistan. is it increasing .this a shifting upwards of arabian sea monsoon.

  18. This is very use full blog,its help me alot as a farmer,good job but unfortunately no up date snice monsoon,please update regularly thanks

    1. Thank you so much, it is a great pleasure to know that our followers still remember us. Yes, it is the same old team. The rapid change in weather patterns and unusual climatic events made it impossible to stay inactive.

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