Earthquake hits Indonesia and India!!!

 Major earthquake hits Indonesia

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia early on April 4 (Monday), hundreds of residents fled an Indonesian port town for higher ground on Monday when an earthquake struck south of Java. Tsunami warning was issued but later withdrawn. But small isolated tsunami can not be ruled out according to the US Geological centre. No damage is expected.


Earthquake eyes New Delhi

Tremours were felt in Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Noida in Northern India as 5.7 magnitude, moderate earthquake hit India on Monday. There is no report of any human loss or damage to property.

There seems to be too many earthquake happening these days!

4 replies to “Earthquake hits Indonesia and India!!!

  1. Frequent Earthquakes and Excess precipitation over Northern India and Northern pakistan are unable to understand

  2. Frequent Earthquakes in world and Snow to Rain and freezing rain over gilgit to nwfp,punjab and quetta to balochistan etc even IN APRIL,2011 and daily sunshine forecast for karachi whole year. Its impossible to understand this kind of abnormal weather conditions

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