Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon alert (June 21 – June 30)

  • Winds likely to increase their intensity in Karachi

  • Heat wave to return to Lower Pakistan

  • Longest day of the year

  • Monsoon to hit South Punjab in few days

Heat wave: Punjab cool downs – Sindh and Balochistan sweats

Sibbi remains the hottest city in the country for quite some time as temperatures remained 47 °C in the city. Overall the temperatures will decrease in all the rainy areas of the country. While a heat wave is likely to enter the southern parts of Pakistan that will remain till the end of June. 

Longest day of the year –  No affect on weather!

The longest day of the year - June 21

The longest day of the year, known as summer solstice in technical parlance, falls on June 21 each year.

It has no change on weather patterns as weather continues to behave normally.While some consider the summer solstice as the beginning of summer, many actually regard it as midsummer, though the definition varies between different regions and cultures

So when will it start in Karachi?  As the day begins at 5.42 am PST and ends at 7.25 pm PST. The longest day will last for 13 hrs and 43 min in Karachi. Following is the longest day of other cities;

  • 14 hrs & 29 min in Islamabad, also the longest in Pakistan.
  • 14 hrs & 17 min in Lahore. 
  • 14 hrs & 31 min in Peshawar.
  • 14 hrs & 16 min in Quetta.

Other cities will also have same timing with little variations.

More monsoon rains – Yes or No??

The answer is yes, more pre-monsoon showers likely but will be light in intensity. Same areas and provinces are expected to get rainfall with the addition of South Punjab and next will be upper Sindh, but upper Sindh will get first pre-monsoon rainfall on June 29 or June 30. Dusty winds will prevail in Karachi and coastal Sindh, chances of drizzle will increase  from June 24 till June 26 due to presence of the remnants of deep depression BOB 02 over Northern Gujarat.

While coastal Sindh, which last year and in 2009 got an early onset on monsoon rainfall than any other part of the country, will remian cloudy and dry. But strong winds likely in this part of Pakistan, these winds might be dusty.

The year 2004, there was no monsoon rainfall in Karachi, only in the month of October due to cyclone Onil that too was 35.5 mm. While in 2005, same conditions persisted in Karachi, rains only occurred in August and September. In the year 2008, monsoon hit Karachi on July 28 and after that there was only one light rainfall in August otherwise the monsoon of 2008 remained cloudy and dry. Will 2011 have same fate for Karachi? tell Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) now; 

Monsoon update 2011 


  • Depression over India persists!

  • Rains reaching Rajasthan!

  • Monsoon reaching Delhi in few days!

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued their second long-range forecast for India which also states about the onset of monsoon over India.

“This year, setting in of southwest monsoon over Andaman Sea was delayed by about 10 days. However, it set over Kerala 3 days before its normal date of 1st June. Monsoon set in over most parts of South Arabian Sea, Kerala, some parts of Tamil Nadu, south Bay of Bengal and South Andaman Sea on 29th May 2011. Due to strengthening of cross-equatorial flow over Arabian Sea and the northward movement of a vortex in the form of an upper air cyclonic circulation along the trough off the west coast, monsoon further advanced rapidly and covered entire Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Goa, most parts of Karnataka and some parts of south Andhra Pradesh by 5th June. However, during 6th – 10th June, there was a short hiatus in the further advance of monsoon along the west coast. On the other hand, the eastern branch of monsoon advanced over some more parts of Bay of Bengal and northeastern states, with a delay of nearly 5 days. By 13th June, associated with the formation of a Depression over north Bay of Bengal, the monsoon advanced into some more parts of Arabian Sea, parts of Saurashtra and most parts of the Bay of Bengal and parts of coastal Andhra Pradesh and coastal Orissa. On 15th June, monsoon further advanced over some more parts of Maharashtra, most parts of Telangana and Orissa, remaining parts of coastal Andhra Pradesh, Bay of Bengal, West Bengal and some parts of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Bihar.”

 Overall the monsoon rains have covered many parts of India due to the deep depression BOB 02 that formed on June 16. Under its influence heavy to very heavy rainfall likely over Madya Pradesh and adjoining provinces of India. While the final resting places of BOB 02 will be North-eastern Gujarat and adjoining Rajasthan, where light to moderate rainfall with isolated heavy rainfall is likely from June 22 till June 24.

Pakistan and Pre-monsoon madness

“It’s a very Punjab-friendly monsoon this year.”

First pre-monsoon: Sargodha is the wettest!

The map of monsoon 2011

The first pre-monsoon rainfall of Pakistan occurred on June 18, much early than expected, that caused the overall high temperatures  in North-eastern Punjab, parts of Khyber, Azad Kashimr, FATA and Giglit to decrease. A weak western dusturbance interacted with the Arabian sea’s moisture that caused the first pre-monsoon showers in those areas. Parts of Khyber, Balochistan, Gilgit and FATA are not a monsoon region, they also got good rainfall due to the presence of western disturbance. Following are the quantity of rainfall recorded during the first pre-monsoon activity;

  • Sargodha got 142 mm from June 18 till June 21. (highest in Pakistan)
  • Lahore got 106 mm from June 17 till June 19.
  • Islamabad got 100 mm from June 18 till June 20.

Other parts of Punjab had below 50 mm rainfall, while the quantity was much less in Khyber and Azad Kashmir. This spell of pre-monsoon is over now. But the intensity will be weak as the Arabian sea moisture will not get any support from western disturbance. Sindh remained under the grip of heat wave while lower Sindh remained under clouds especially coastal parts.

Second pre monsoon

The second spell is likely from tonight, it will be weak in intensity due to lack of intense moisture from Arabian sea and western disturbance. Drizzle to light rain expected in the same provinces and regions.

While in Sindh, the remnants of deep depression BOB 02 that will be over North-eastern Gujarat on June 22 might cause cloudy weather with light drizzle from June 23. This forecast is also for Karachi.

Third and last pre-monsoon

The storm has weakened but has not dissipated

The last pre-monsoon rainfall is likely from June 28 till June 30, heavy rainfall with strong winds likely in Punjab, parts of Khyber and Azad Kashmir. Monsoon is likely to hit Southern Punjab as well during this period. For Sindh?  

Well, as southern Punjab is expected to get moderate to heavy rainfall from June 28 so some thunderstorms might pop up over upper Sindh including Sukkur. But these thunderstorms will be weak and stray, might cause light rainfall.

As for lower Sindh including Karachi, no rainfall expected as per latest forecast but the intensity of winds is likely to increase from fast (32km/h) to strong (44km/h) to very strong (56 km/h).

After that, the monsoon will begin. Monsoon may hit Karachi after July 15, while Punjab, parts of Khyber and Azad Kashmir may get monsoon rainfalls from first week of July.


215 thoughts on “Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon alert (June 21 – June 30)

  1. This year’s monsoon for Karachi will be similar to the monsoon of 2008 even WORSE !!!!!!

    @everyone :

    Forget rains In Karachi People.

  2. Depression over India seems to be moving towards Karachi and Sindh. After seeing latest sattelite images on Pakmet I am very hopeful that we will have good heavy rainfall in coming days or two (Inshallah).

  3. babar bhai why karachi is experiencing so fast to strong winds any reason for that??
    hopefully we can wait till 15 July and i think karachites has waited too long for rains, they can surely wait 15 more days lastly the first monsoon rain that will hit karachi DAT will be a system from bay of bengal, rajastan or Arabian sea???
    kindly comment

  4. Baber bhai,

    You didn’t have replied the answer for the reason why the wind is going so fast with clouds and drizzle ?

    • happens every year during the monsoon season…if u remember this happened last year too, but in July…this is called monsoon winds…drizzle is common in Karachi during monsoon with winds…

  5. I saw that wind is blowing from north to south which is usually blows when a weather system about to enter in the city, however wind also blow in the same direction when the sea temperature is higher than the land mass. Hopefully we have some good news in a day or two.

  6. guys their wont be any heavy rains before monsoon starts here , u can expect lite rains only from bob2 , make ur self clear.

  7. @KM

    It was rear and unbelievable that how depression came closer to Sindh/Karachi and went back like a reverse gear.

    Something fishy ?

    • it was never coming to Sindh…last night, it was weakening that is why its thunderstorms were getting separated that made it look like that it was heading towards us…infact since last night its center is over Madya Pradesh….and it has now weakened to a well-marked low…its moving slowly in N direction now…where it will dissipate… no proper monsoon rainfall in karachi till first week of July..monsoon normally hits karachi during second week of july…

  8. i am planning to fly karachi in august 2011, can i hope for good rain. since longtime, i miss the karachi rain.

    • its going to be humid and cloudy with some what low temperatures than in June and july….so yes its a good time to visit Karachi…but I can not say any thing about rainfall…generally one or two heavy spells are likely in august…one in early august and the other in mid or late august (this is based on past historical records)…

  9. dear karachi metro ,
    the rain in karachi is expected in mid july when their is a WET MJO phase is going on after 10 th of july and there is also 02 tropical storm brewing in north pacific ocean in which 01 is good for monsoon and other have negative impact on monsoon

  10. Depression over India is playing ping-pong. After loosing intensity in the morning & afternoon now it is again intensified.

    @KM, would you like to comment on this unusual phenomena?

    • it has NOT gained strength… low pressure require sea to turn into depression and then deep depression and later cyclone…this process can only happen on sea…not land…its impossible for low to turn into a depression on land… But, yes, if the low is over land and sea, meaning 50 50 then they could transform into a depression… as for ex- deep depression BOB 02, it is weakening gradually…

  11. babar i want to know that i have seen many times in karachi in evening there is redish colour in the sky why dis happens ?????? :

    • red sky at evening indicates high pressure area..meaning no rainfall and calm weather during the next few days….red sky usually means that the setting sun is sending its light through a high concentration… of dust particles… so this means that there is a high pressure area over Karachi…

  12. Greater karachi mein sirf 1 ya 2mm rains hi hosakti hai is saal aur woh bhe mushkil hai. Lahore aur calcutta aru dhaka ki tarha 50mm to 300mm har saal nahi hosakti. Punjab,nwfp aur kashmir kay liyay to 100mm kuch bhe nahi aur every month bohut barish hoti hai punjab,nwfp aur kashmir mein. Karachi mein is saal good rain hona impossible hai whether anyone believe or not.

    • Aray kiya wait karay? BBC,GFS aur everyone is not ready to show rains over karachi. Pata nahi karachi walo ko kis gunah ki saza mil rahi hai?

      • Shoaib do not compare karachi’s climate with lahore… obviously that is unfair… Just like we can not compare Dubai’s climate with Karachi….karachi has semi-arid climate which only gets tail of monsoon.. the reason for lack of rain in karachi is because of presence of dry air coming from Arabian states… thats the reason for few cyclones in arabian sea… try to understand this… the annual rainfall of karachi is 200mm while the monsoon is 147.5mm…but for past few years we got more than 200 mm in the monsoon… think of climate as a religion of a city..

    slim to medium chances of isolated drizzle to spotty light rainfall in Karachi on June 25 night/June 26 morning…due to moisture from the dieing low pressure.. poor to slim chances of spotty drizzle tonight…

  14. guys stop carving for rains , light rains expected btw sat night till monday morning , as for monsoon u guys are asking wrong thing @ the wrong time. wait is the key.

  15. we cannot predict anything about monsoon season,so wait until the monsoon start.kiya pata aik hi din main itni barish ho jai jitni poorey monsoon main hoti hai,or kiya pata is dafa barishain hon hi nahi.

    almost all websites are now showing light rainfall on sunday…. good chances of drizzle to light rainfall on sun morning…as pet latest forecast… weather will remain windy though in karachi… in Lahore from june 27, some very heavy rainfall is likely (may get 100mm) this is all based on latest forecast… may change tomorrow… but it is confirmed that heavy pre-monsoon rainfall likely in Punjab from June 27…

  17. drizzle expected in karachi. monsoon air reaching punjab from tomorrow night till many days. when new low pressure will born in bay of bengal then lets see where they go.

    • rain/thunder showers from June 27… while some severe extremely heavy monsoon rainfall can not be ruled out between July 15 and August 20…. other then that its a normal monsoon…

      • @Saeed
        i will explain it in detail on July 11..when i will publish the article of monsoon part-7….. its basically a long-range forecast which is not accurate always… thus wait for “that” forecast on July 11…

  18. and also please advise your viewers not to give nonsense comments about 2011 monsoon because it is too early to comment about the future of monsoon 2011 . In karachi monsoon always continue in mid of july , there was only some exceptional years in which karachi get rain in June due to some cyclone in Arabian Sea .

  19. current weather Map/Charts of the sub-continent reflects a typical monsoon chart, with the monsoon trough running from Rajasthan thru U.P. and Jharkhand into the Bay, and an eastward extension of the trough running into the NE states.
    This is much better than having a ” break monsoon” situation , where we see the trough running in a further north position along the Himalayas. And, this could very well have been the scene today with a weak MJO situation in force. With BB1 having embedded itself in the trough, the trough line has remained a bit to the southward position.

    Expecting the weak MJO phase to remain till July 1 st week. In vagaries, we had discussed this phase and anticipated its arrival after the fizzling away of BB1.
    But, in the current scenario, rainfall will be persistent along the axis, that is east Rajasthan, northern M.P, adjoining U.P. and Jharkhand. Good rainfall in the NE states.

    I observe the off shore trough to be more prominent south of Goa. Showers could be expected along coastal Karnataka, and to a lesser extent in south Konkan and Goa.

    What’s in store for the next few days, the rest of June ?

    It may well happen, that with the BB1 remnants “raining out”, the monsoon trough, or axis, could start moving to the north, and settle down into the Himalayan foothills. Then, the whole rainfall scene shifts north, more northwards than the areas mentioned above. This could well be the scene with no momentum and push from either of the seas. In such a situation, substantial increase in rainfall in Nepal and adjoining U.P. plains, and Utterakhand hills.

    Movement of monsoon rains westwards into Sindh (Pakistan) almost ruled out in this period,

    Till the supressed MJO persists, it may not be possible for any of the seas on either side to bring up a system. The current SOI is +3, after maintaining an average of +18 in the last 5 months.
    BB2 is just a dream now, and could be a not reality before 4thJuly, at least. That is presuming the MJO phase to “give in” after that date.

    A ray of hope would be to expect a pulse, to move west from the current depression “Haima”, now over North Vietnam. It could sail into the bay, and if it does, it could be as soon as by the 29th.

    Mumbai will to have this miserable hot humid weather thru the weekend. a short duration shower to two may give on the spot releif, only to get more stuffy once the sun is out. Meaningfull rains increament not in next 4 days at least

  20. @EVERY ONE

    No light rain even no drizzle is expected as just before 2 minutes i.e. 1519 hrs the sky was almost clear with normal clouds movement (From west to east) which shows clearly that no system or nothing behind if any then the clouds move from east to west.
    Second more important thing that i would like to share that the drizzle that other met saying is not bcz of any system but bcz of cloud mass from west to east and these sort of clouds sometimes give one or two minutes drizzle…. nothing behind…. I also love to see raining but if there is nothing then how someone could predict ….
    To predict drizzle is not about the job done it is very easy to say in june or july when sky having cloud masses … same here we having now a days … which is not about a forecast just an experience …..

    • there are chances of drizzle in karachi for past few days and will continue till June 29…. due to the moisture that comes from Arabian sea…that causes humidty to rise… we did get drizzle in karachi when humidity rose…. that is on June 1 and June 14…

    • at present, no weather system over Punjab including ISB… moisture from ARB is continously penetrating in punjab… a western trough is expected on June 27 that will interact with these moisture and cause rain… rain in islamabad from June 27 night…

    • No…. Normal monsoon begins in mid July in Karachi…. so there are no chances of massive rainfall in karachi during the next many days… Only 2010 and 2007 were the years in which monsoon in karachi began early… other than that …monsoon begins in karachi after July 15..

  21. there shall be no rain , before july 15th … just wait awam … these are just minor cells that can only bring light drizzle =p

  22. These are not rain clouds xD
    Look at there speed, its like they’re racing =D
    the rain clouds (cumulonimbus,nimbus) will come from east

  23. @EveryOne
    Metro Karadchi is making us FOOL as no rain is expected in Karachi for many days…
    Why this Karachi Metro doing just to keep people in touch and making them fool to earn money through their CLICKS on his web page……

    • Really??? dont u check other websites … I think I made myself clear that light drizzle is expected… I HAVE NOT SAID THAT SUPER CELL THUNDERSTORMS OR FLASH FLOODING RAINFALL OR MASSIVE MICRO BURST ARE EXPECTED… I am not asking you to come.. there is a difference between drizzle and rain… proper rains are expected from mid July… PMD also has forecasted drizzle in karachi and coastal Sindh…

    • then y r’u here Mr. Shahjee. stop visiting this blog if you think Metro is making you fool. Babar’s doing a tremendous job,he is putting all his efforts to let us know about the prevailing weather conditions and 1 more thing….he’s not getting money for all this.

  24. Monsoon is going to ONSET over upper parts of Pakistan on Monday/Tuesday, giving scattered rains/thundershowers during the week.

    Met Office informed that the monsoon currents are penetrating continuously over upper parts of Pakistan that indicate the ONSET of regular monsoon rains during next 24/36 hrs (Monday/Tuesday) in the country. The expected first spell of monsoon rains would last 4-5 days in upper parts of Pakistan, giving scattered rains/thundershowers with isolated heavy falls in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and Kashmir. Rain/thundershowers also expected in Islamabad during next 24 hrs. Monsoon rain is also predicted at isolated places of lower Sindh during the mid-week.

    Met Office also informed that the monsoon normally onsets in Pakistan on 1st July, but it is going to start (onset) 4 days before during this year.

    The prevailing hot/humid weather conditions since last few days are likely to subside in Islamabad, Punjab, KPK and Kashmir from Monday.

  25. monsoon is going to onset means. there is a chance of rain in karachi before 15july. rainfall will start in country but for karachi rainfall may reach first week of july.

  26. Downpours in Islamabad and lahore and infact in whole punjab to kashmir and nwfp is continue. I do not know when karachi will get downpour


    No one could really predict about the dates of rain…. mid of july is tentative for monsoon… if any system originate in any where and come towards karachi then karachi will have black clouds from east and then thunder and showers….. no one could say that i will definitely be happen on or after mid july .. i say monsoon is started in pakistan pray for the development of system which could lashed karachi before mid or first week of july as its all possible if the Commander “ALLAH” S.T. order him to go and blessed over karachi..
    Telling you people a dua for good raining .. it is…

    “Allah humma aaghisna”

  28. @ Everybody

    Dua for Rain..

    1- اللَّهُمَّ صَيِّبَاً نَافِعَا
    Allaahumma Sayyibann Naafi’aa

    “O Allaah, (bring) beneficial rain clouds.”
    (Bukhari – Fathul-Bari 2/518)

    2- اللَّهُمَّ أَغِثْنَا
    Allah humma aaghisna

    3- اللَّهُمَّ أَنْزِلْ عَلَى أَرْضِنَا زِينَتَهَا وَسَكَنَهَا
    “O Allah, beautify our land (i.e. let flowers grow) and give us peace (ease)”.

  29. jitni bhe dua karl magar karachi mein heavy rains nahi hogi aur Punjab,nwfp and kashmir mein hamesha heavy rains hogi. Lahore aur islamabad mein to kabhe rains stop hi nahi honay wali aur karachi mein start nahi honay wali.

  30. Karachi ka kuch nahi hosakta. Karachi mein kabhe bhe lahore aur islamabad aur calcutta jaisi barish nahi hogi chahay jitni bhe dua karlo. Is saal to kuch bhe barish nahi hogi karachi mein. Agar dua say barish hoti to sab say ziada karachi mein hoti

      • No, I did not mean that. Praying is always useful and i have heard from old people that they also used to pray for rains in karachi because there is a lack of rains in karachi. I had mean that Atleast 1 year out of 3 monsoon do not reach karachi. And 1 year out of 3 there may be some rains over karachi and remaining one year there is a chance of good rains. Actually, I had said According to history of karachi weather. I am also muslim and i also knows about islam. I never say anything against islam.

  31. i think Mr shoaib need a good psychatrist . aur Mr Shoaib islam sey bhi kharij ho gay hain unhain kisi Maulana sey dobara Kalma parhna parey ga kyun key woh mayyussi main kufria kalmaat bol rahey hain aur islam ki batai hui duaoon ki tauheen kar rahey hain . Islam main mayyussi bhi kufr hai jis ka woh shikaar hain .

    • I am also muslim. Mein nay sirf mayyussi ki wajah asia kaha.Mein nay kisi ki tauheen nahi ki hai. Mein bhe islam ko manta hu aur mein bhe allah ko manta hu.Aap meri comment ka galat matlab kyon nikal rahay hai?

    • No my friend… certain conditions like La-Nina which is over, ENSO is in neutral stage and MJO in dry phase… will cause the monsoon to start around July 15 (normal onset of monsoon for Karachi)… its actually the western wave over upper Pakistan that has caused a quick onset over Punjab… also Monsoon has yet to reach Gujarat…. Although there will be some error in karachi’s monsoon onset date like first the IMD predicted that monsoon will be normal in 2011 but then they said it will be below normal.. similarly the PMD also said that monsoon will hit pakistan on July 1 but actually it hit the country 4 days ahead…so there are uncertainity in this world regarding the onset of monsoon… we human beings have not yet advanced in the field of Meteorology.. that is why we still can not predict the direction of cyclones nor the onset of monsoon… But the good news is that more drizzle is likely in Karachi during next 48 hours… though weather changes every 24 hours…

  32. Only ALLAh knows what’s better for us and when will be the perfect time for rain,
    If you pray for rain and your prays are not fullfilled then its for your own good and ALLAh knows it better than anyone. Think about the mango season and the mangoes, rain will ruin all of them, dont u know that ?

  33. on first july rain will over all pakistan west rajhastan east sindh north sindh but only not in karachi hyderabad belt so sad.

      • @ Mahmud

        First of Jazakallah for saying Inshallah bcz we cant get anything for future desires without saying inshallah bcz we are not the commanders and the supplier so we need to ask him (ALLAH) for his best..
        Secondly i have no source for telling my last prediction but i made a phone call to Islamabad met office and spoke to them directly asking about karachi weather and they told me that there is a chance of light to moderate rain with thunder from 29 to 30 june again saying we all are human so human error are also a part of all pre-advisories .. just pray and ask from Allah

  34. @Every One

    You all will see inshallah a good spell with Thunder from 29 june to 1 st july
    till then keep on praying …

    1- اللَّهُمَّ صَيِّبَاً نَافِعَا
    Allaahumma Sayyibann Naafi’aa

    “O Allaah, (bring) beneficial rain clouds.”
    (Bukhari – Fathul-Bari 2/518)

  35. @People of Sindh
    Monsoon has yet to reach Sindh, these drizzle or light rainfall are called pre-monsoon showers…Once monsoon officially sets in Sindh… we will see daily forecast like this
    Since the monsoon has not started yet in SIndh…that is why we will keep looking at this
    see the difference and also check the same website in Mid July…they will show daily thunder showers for Karachi indicating monsoon presence which is not here yet nor in coming days..

  36. awaaaam! dont expect anything good before mid july , the wind farms are stable as hell rite now … and yes u guys are asking for rains @ the wrong time , saber karo bhaie 😛

  37. WOAAH!!! noaa prepcasting 60% thunderstorm chances on july 6th , so i guess that marks the beginning for monsoon for us 😛

  38. laken maine kaheen parha tha k drizzle moonsoon ko kamzoor karti hain or ye baat daikhi bhe hai tu yani k agar after starting july sunny weather raha tu chance strong hai agar aise he cloudy,windy or drizzle rahi tu buhat mushkil hai………….):

    • @Tarim,

      Do agreed with the forecast for July 6 & 7 but still saying that if we see in past same situations are developing and after waiting a week or so or when the system about to reach KHI it fall or lose strength or vanishies in short so pray for the system as some rains also ewxpected from tomorrow or day after ..some thing more than drizzle

      • @KM & ALL

        Sorry to say Personally … i am not agreed with your predictions as you saying only drizzle in karachi for next 3 days,

        All of you please note:

        Karachi will receive showers with slight thunder as well intensity could be light to moderate from tomorrow (wednesday) evening / night and thursday…

      • Moderate rainfall (20mm-40mm) is considered a some what a major out break for Karachi that can only when when there is a remnant low or dieing low pressure… the moisture coming from Arabian sea can only cause 1mm – 3mm drizzle , every Karachi should have eye on Bay of Bengal… In the history of Karachi…there has been NO rainfall from these weak moisture, only drizzle… only Bay of Bengal systems cause monsoon rainfall in karachi…. or cyclones in arabian sea… Conditions are not faourable for monsoon to reach karachi this early yet … Drizzle is likely and nothing other than that… becasue there is no weather system near karachi only the winds are moist and humid that is bringing some clouds and drizzle… try to understand this..

    • @Km

      Agreed with your understanding but it look like that karachi will get some rain in a day or two its a personal judgement not any challenging aspect…

      • June is as good as end =D

        And u also posted that pre-monsoon drizzle in Karachi during the next 3 days. After those 3 days ?

      • after those three days… weather will get partly cloudy with decrease in cloudy conditions….as activty in upper parts of pak will also start to decrease…

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