Monsoon Daily Updates – For June 2011

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June rainfall for major cities

Following are the rainfall recorded from June 1 till June 30 in some cities of Pakistan;

  • Islamabad got 245 mm rainfall, above than monthly normal.
  • Lahore got 257 mm rainfall, above than monthly normal.
  • Muzaffarabad got 192 mm rainfall, above than monthly normal.
  • Peshawar got 14 mm rainfall, above than monthly normal by 2 mm.
  • Karachi got traces, below than monthly normal. The normal is 6 mm.
  • Quetta got 1 mm, above than monthly normal by 1 mm.

Date of issue – June 30

Bay of Bengal to get active soon for monsoon!

Month ends with above normal rains in Punjab!

*A low pressure persists over Central India, more isolated heavy rainfall in parts of Madya Pradesh and Utter Pradesh during the next 48 hours. Bay of Bengal is likely to get active during the second week of July, may give birth to a fresh low pressure around July 6 or July 7.

*More scattered thunder showers likely in Northern Punjab including Islamabad. Partly cloudy conditions in North-eastern Balochistan, other parts of Balochistan will remain dry and hot, while isolated thunder showers in eastern Khyber and Azad Kashmir. In Sindh, mainly sunny conditions in the province, however drizzle/cloudy conditions with partial cleaning expected in coastal Sindh including Karachi. Following are the monsoon rainfall recorded on June 30 for some cities;

  •  Bahawalnagar, Punjab got 24 mm rainfall.
  • Islamabad got 5 mm rainfall.
  • Murree, Punjab got 3 mm rainfall.
  • Sialkot, Punjab got 15 mm rainfall.
  • Cherat, Khyber got 35 mm rainfall.
  • Peshawar, Khyber got 12 mm rainfall.
  • While Balochistan and Sindh remained dry.

Date of issue – June 29

Low pressure forms over central India!

Lahore battered by 98 mm rainfall!

*A low pressure area has formed over Northern Madya Pradesh and Eastern Utter Pradesh, India. Due to this low, heavy to very heavy rainfall likely over those areas.

*Heavy rainfall has lashed mostly Northern Punjab province of Pakistan today as expected by PWP, more rainfall likely in 24 hours to 48 hours till June 30 morning after that this spell will start weaken. Under that influence, more isolated heavy rainfall likely in Northern Punjab while moderate rainfall in eastern Khyber and Azad Kashmir. Light rainfall could occur in North-eastern Balochistan. This spell is likely to weaken on June 30 morning, however there will be chances of light rainfall in Lahore and other cities of Northern Punjab due to the presence of monsoon.

In Sindh, fast winds likely in Upper Sindh. On June 28, six people were killed in Dadu as temperatures reached 51°C. In coastal Sindh including Karachi, drizzle might occur till June 30, after that cloudy conditions are being expected to reduce. Following is the amount of rainfall recorded on June 29 in some cities of Pakistan (in mm);

  • Islamabad got 15 mm.
  • Lahore, Punjab got 98 mm.
  • Sahiwal, Punjab got 33 mm.
  • Cherat, Khyber got 35 mm.
  • Badin, Sindh got TR.
  • Balochistan and Sindh remained dry.

Date of issue – June 28

“Heavy rainfall likely in Northern Punjab on June 29!”

“West-East: Currents interacting! “

*Monsoon eastern currents are still colliding with western trough, under that influence widespread heavy to scattered very heavy rainfall (50 mm – 120 mm) likely in Northern Punjab especially Lahore, Sargodha, Faisalabad and other adjoining cities of Punjab, while isolated heavy rainfall likely in parts of eastern Khyber province and Azad Kashmir. Islamabad will also get heavy rainfall during this period. This spell will continue till June 30 morning, a new monsoon spell will start in all these areas during the first week of July.

In Sindh, some strong winds are likely in upper parts of Sindh while drizzle with breezy conditions in coastal Sindh. There are chances that monsoon may hit Sindh around July 10 (+ – 5 day error). Following is the amount of rainfall of some cities of Pakistan;

  •  Islamabad got 70 mm.
  • Joharabad got 81 mm.
  • Lahore got 33 mm.
  • Gujranwala got 75 mm.
  • Kakul got 11 mm.
  • Sindh and Balochistan remained dry.

Date of issue – June 27

“Western currents – Eastern currents: interacting!

Monsoon is yet to reach Sindh !

*A western trough is interacting with eastern currents, under that influence isolated heavy rainfall likely in Punjab, mostly northern Punjab and Azad Kashmir from June 27 night while moderate in parts of eastern Khyber,  while light rainfall with isolated moderate rain in few parts of FATA and Gilgit region from June 28 morning. Cloudy/light rainfall might occur over North-east Balochistan on June 28 or June 29. 

In Sindh, however only south-eastern parts that is Mirpur Khas and Badin district could get drizzle/light rainfall on June 29, coastal parts that is Karachi, Thatta and Keti Bandar will get drizzle due to moisture coming from Arabian sea. No proper monsoon in Sindh including Karachi till a low pressure/depression from the Bay of Bengal reaches Sindh. Following are the amount of rainfall of major cities of Pakistan on June 27 till 5:35 pm PST;

  • Islamabad got 15 mm.
  • Karachi got TR (Traces). 
  • Peshawar got 1 mm.
  • No rainfall occurred in Lahore yet. 

Date of issue – June 26

“Monsoon to set in 24 hours – 4 days early in Punjab”

“Rainiy week ahead in Upper Pakistan”

*A weak western trough is likely to interact with monsoon moistue in Punjab including Lahore and Khyber province in 24 hours, under that influence moderate rainfall with isolated heavy rain likely in those areas from June 27 night till July 1. In Sindh, coastal parts including Karachi will remain under the chances of light drizzle due to moisture coming from Arabian sea that is what happens in monsoon season.

Date of issue – June 25

*Drizzle in coastal Sindh, Punjab and parts of Khyber during next 24 hours. Due to the interaction between Arabian sea moisture and Western trough, heavy rainfall likely in Punjab and parts of Khyber from June 27 night.

Date of issue – June 24

*Well-marked low pressure had weakened into a low pressure this morning and has now dissipated.

*Drizzle with few light rainfall likely in coastal, south-eastern parts of Sindh during the next 48 hours. Heavy pre-monsoon rainfall likely from June 27 in Punjab and parts of Khyber. Hot and dry, but humid in all other parts of Pakistan during the next till June 26. 

Date of issue – June 23

*Depression BOB 02 weakens to well-marked low pressure area, it is present over North-western Madya Pradesh and south Rajasthan. It is likely to move in a Northern direction and will weaken to a remnant low in 24 hours.

*Second pre-monsoon in Punjab including south Punjab and parts of Khyber will start on June 27 or June 28, this will be the last pre-monsoon rainfall of 2011 for Pakistan. During the next few days, no rainfall likely in any part of Pakistan expected for few isolated events of drizzle in some parts including Karachi. Dusty conditions to prevail in Karachi and coastal Sindh. Highest wind speed in Karachi was 56 km/h.

Date of issue – June 22

*Depression BOB 02 is over Madya Pradesh now and it is likely to move in a West direction to enter eastern Rajasthan. Heavy to very heavy rainfall likely in Eastern Rajasthan and Madya Pradesh during the next 24 hours, while light rainfall over Gujarat. Under the influence of this depression, some dusty winds have been reported in south-eastern Sindh and coastal Sindh;

  • Karachi got 50 km/h (31 mph) winds.
  • Mirpur khas, Hyderabad, Badin and Thatta got 56 km/h (35 mph) winds.
  • Keti and Shah Bander got 53 km/h winds.

*Second pre-monsoon rainfall likely in parts of Punjab and Khyber. Dusty to very dusty conditions to prevail in Karachi.

Date of issue – June 21

*Depression has now moved to east Madya Pradesh and South Utter Pradesh. The system is weakening gradually and it is expected to move in a WNW direction. Heavy to very heavy rainfall likely over Madya Pradesh and south Utter Pradesh. The system will cause rainfall in lower Rajasthan and Northern Gujarat on June 22 and onwards. Depression is also expected to weaken into a well-marked low during the period. Cloudy and drizzle likely in south-eastern and coastal Sindh on June 24 due to the moisture from this system.

*The first spell of pre-monsoon rainfall is over in Pakistan and during the coming 24 to 36 hours a new spell is likely over North-eastern Punjab and parts of Khyber. While drizzle with fast to very fast to strong winds in coastal Sindh during the next few days. Following is the rainfall recorded during the first spell of pre-monsoon in Pakistan.

  • Sargodha got 142 mm from June 18 till June 21. (highest in Pakistan)
  • Lahore got 106 mm from June 17 till June 19.
  • Islamabad got 100 mm from June 18 till June 20

Date of issue – June 20

*Depression persist over India , it is stationary and moving very slowly in WNW direction, at present it is over Chhattisgarh and adjoining area of Jharkhand. In another 24 hours, it is expected to enter Madhya Pradesh and adjoining Chhattisgarh. Under that influence heavy rainfall with isolated very heavy rainfall likely over many parts of Northern eastern and central parts of India especially Madhya Pradesh. The storm intensity is decreasing gradually and is likely to move into North Gujarat on June 22 night, light to moderate rainfall expected all over Gujarat. No rainfall likely in Sindh, but cloudy weather likely.

*Pre-monsoon currents reaching Punjab and parts of Khyber. Light rainfall likely in 24 hours. During the last week of June, some heavy rainfall is likely in Lahore and NE parts of Punjab. No rainfall likely in Sindh including Karachi till July 6. But drizzle might occur in coastal Sindh with fast winds.

Date of issue – June 19

*Deep depression BOB 02 has finally weakened into a depression this morning after 24 hours over land. It is stationary and is likely to move in a WNW direction and then in a SW direction and will reach Gujarat, hence heavy rainfall to very heavy rainfall likely in Gujarat from June 22 night. Cloudy weather likely in South-eastern and lower Sindh from June 24.

*More light pre-monsoon showers likely in to continue in North-eastern Punjab including Lahore till June 20 night. Humid and partly cloudy to cloudy weather to prevail in coastal Sindh including Karachi. 

Date of issue – June 17 & 18

*Deep depression BOB 02 persists and has move inland now, it is maintaining its intensity even as 24 hours have passed. It is likely to cause heavy to very heavy rainfall with isolated extreme heavy falls (>250 mm) in West Bengal and Orissa. The storm is likely to move in a WNW direction and will reach Gujarat on June 22, under its influence widespread heavy rainfall likely all over India excluding North western parts of India. This system is not likely to cause any rainy activity in Sindh as of now. But there are some forecast that it might enter Southeastern and coastal Sindh.

*Pre-monsoon rainfall likely to continue in Punjab and parts of Khyber especially Lahore during the next 24 hours. A new spell will start after 36 hours, heavy rainfall might occur in Lahore from June 19 night. Light drizzle , overall cloudy weather likely in Karachi and coastal parts of Sindh with fast winds during next 24 hours.

Date of issue – June 16

*A well-marked low has intensified into a depression BOB 02 and has further intensified into a deep depression, it is the third depression of the 2011 north Indian ocean while the first deep depression of the North Indian Ocean in 2011. The system is  likely to move in a NW direction and cross West Bengal-Bangladesh coast. The estimated central pressure is about 987 hpa. The system will start to move in a SW direction after making landfall over East-West Bengal. There are some few chances that it might cause rain in Sindh including Karachi.

Date of issue – June 15

*A low pressure has intensified into a well-marked low pressure. The marked low is near Orissa coast and West Bengal, over Northwest Bay of Bengal. The marked low is likely to move in a west direction. There are some chances that it might reach Punjab or Sindh on June 22.

Date of issue – June 14

*A low pressure has formed in the Bay of Bengal near Orissa coast and West Bengal, it is likely to become more well-marked. The low is expected to move towards western direction, may approach Sindh or Punjab on June 22.

Date of issue – June 13

*A low pressure is about to form in 48 hours in the Bay of Bengal, might intensify into a well-marked low. It is expected to move in a west direction. There are some chances that it might reach Sindh or Punjab.