Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (September 24 – September 30)

Dry Weather Expected in coming days!

Pakistan is now expected to enter its most driest months that is late September till early November in which no major precipitation is expected but few western disturbances usually visit upper Pakistan with weak intensity but their intensity increases from early or mid-November. Temperatures will start to rise as high pressure will start to extend into India and significant decrease in humidity is also expected.

Factors – Weather forecast

Temperature and Precipitation: September 24 - October 1

Sun, calm winds, low humidity and high temperatures are usually the factors that Pakistan witness every year after the monsoon season and it seems like that this year too Pakistan will witness the same things. Following condition is expected till coming days.

*Weak western trough over extreme Gilgit region and India’s Kashmir, not significant.

*High pressure persists over rest of Pakistan extending into western India, it is expected to further extend to central parts as remnants of depression BOB 03 weakens.

*Mid-level and low-level clouds are expected to prevail over few parts of Punjab and Sindh, while high-level and mid-level clouds over Upper Khyber and Gilgit region. Clear skies expected over rest of country.

Outlook for provinces

Temperatures are expected to rise slowly, humidity and cloud cover is expected to decrease. However there is a slight chance (10 – 15%) of some isolated drizzle/showers during the end of the month or start of early October in few parts of Pakistan.


Temperature may rise till 37°C or 38°C in some cities of Punjab, similar conditions expected in south Punjab. Dry weather expected in the province.


Dry weather with hot conditions in few districts of upper Sindh. Temperature may rise till 37°C, while at some isolated places it may rise till 39-40°C.

In Karachi, the temperature will be around 32°C to 33°C and few passing clouds are expected till few days. Karachiites should get ready for sunny days in the city!

Khyber Pakhunkhwa

Dry weather expected in many parts of the province. Temperatures may remain around 34°C, while lower at some northern parts. Few drizzle may occur in isolated places of provinces.


Dry weather is also expected in Balochistan, temperatures will be higher in the coastal parts than compared to the north-western parts of the province.

Post-Monsoon of 2011 news

Monsoon further withdraws from India!

Monsoon withdrawal 2011

Monsoon has withdrawn from Indian states of  Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and west Utter Pradesh. New Delhi also seems to be in direct sunlight as monsoon starts to move backwards. India did get to see some post-monsoon activity as a Well-marked low pressure on September 22 further intensified into a depression BOB 03 over north-west Bay of Bengal and moved in a NW direction. On September 24 it lies over north-west Jharkhand and is weakening gradually, expected to fizzle out soon.

Back at home, monsoon has finished as Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) said on September 16 and no post-monsoon activity appears to be worth forecasting however there are some hints during the end of September and start of October, if that is taken into confidence, then some drizzle might occur in very isolated parts of Pakistan. However its too early at this moment!

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  1. No it will not bc0z the NE monsoon doesn’t effect Pakistan and the SW monsoon is over n0w. So, no rains till end of november.

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