Pakistan Weather Update (October 15 – October 28)

Autumn and rain in Islamabad

Stable, dry and calm weather is prevailing over much of Pakistan and that is after all October. But now some change is likely to come.

Pakistan – Outlook

*High pressure is seen over Rajasthan and Sindh extending into South Punjab, adjoining Balochistan and the northern Arabian sea.

*Westerlies are dominating the country.

*Drop in temperature is expected during the end of the October mainly in northern parts of Pakistan.

Any rain approaching Pakistan?

Precipitation - Temperature till October 28

Up till now three western disturbance affected Pakistan, all of them were of weak to mild intensity. Following is the timeline of the western systems;

  •  Western disturbance 01 affected upper parts of Pakistan from October 5 to October 8 with strong gusty winds (76 km/h in Islamabad/Rawalpindi). In terms of strength this system was much stronger than the rest of waves that followed after. The rainfall was mostly light with isolated moderate falls.
  • Western disturbance 02 affected north-western Balochistan province including from October 10 till October 11. The rain was light in intensity.
  • Western disturbance 03 affected upper parts of Pakistan from October 13 night till October 14 morning. The winds gusted to 48 km/h in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, the rainfall was weak in intensity and isolated.

There is about 25% – 30% probability that western disturbance 04 would affect upper parts of Pakistan from October 20 including Islamabad, Khyber, Gilgit and other surrounding areas.

Karachi: Weather as calm as peace in the city!

Temperatures rised to 36 °C in Karachi as forecasted by Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) on October 9, however now the temperatures will start to drop. Wind direction since past few days was also unstable in city mostly blowing from land towards sea that is Northerly however south-west did manage to blow from time to time.

No rainy activity is likely in Karachi and other parts of Sindh till many days.

Low pressure formation in the Bay of Bengal!

Expected tropical depression in Bay of Bengal
Expected tropical depression in Bay of Bengal

An upper air cyclonic circulations in the east central Bay of Bengal is likely to intensify into a low pressure area or further in the next 1 to 2 days that is likely to head in a North direction towards the Bengal region of the Sub-continent, the wind shear in the Bay of Bengal is also very little. However it is worth mentioning that since last one year Bay of Bengal has been very quiet. With no major depressions or cyclones. PWP hopes that the Bay of Bengal starts to behave normally!

Poll of the month

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) wants to Know that;


19 replies to “Pakistan Weather Update (October 15 – October 28)

  1. Hi,Want to know, Is there a possibility of formation of post monsoon cylones in arabian sea as i have read about it that it will intensify. Are there any possibilities of this low pressure converting into T.C or strong weather system. And further as tracks cannot be predicted untill it is fully formed but do you think condition are favourable for the ow pressure to move into arabian sea specially towards pakistan. As this year Bay was really quite and arabian sea is more active. Do you think we will be seeing some strong weather systems in near future along the coasts bordering arabian sea. Thanks

    1. Yes, there is a low pressure in SE Arabian sea but will it reach cyclonic storm status on IMD scale? thats too early now, westerlies are dominating much of PAK so low will have difficulty moving towards our coast if it tries to do so.

  2. babar bai shakeel here bht arsay bd aya hu q k kuch suna ha cyclone ka ap batahe kuch asar han k nai rain k karachi me

  3. if there is well mark low then possible convert in depression before reaching pak or oman border

    babar u told about an other low or uac in bob?

  4. salam,babar bhai storm kay 100%chances hai ya nahi?aggar storm active hota hai to pakistan ko hit kar sakta hai ya nahi.


    so when it convrt in to high ?? @Km

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