Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – October in Review!

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) made a total of 11 articles in the month of October. Following is the list of those articles;

  1. Cyclone Keila roars in the Arabian sea – Special Coverage!
  2. Pakistan Weather Update and Tropical Alert (October 29 – November 11)
  3. Is Arabian sea getting ready to give birth to “Tropical storm 2A”?
  4. “We will not help Pakistan now!”
  5. DEVELOPING STORY: Powerful Earthquake in Turkey!
  6. Tropical storm in the Bay of Bengal!
  7. Pakistan Weather Update (October 15 – October 28)
  8. 2011 Sindh floods – The misery continues!
  9. The day Pakistan came to stand still!
  10. Pakistan Weather Update (October 2 – October 14)
  11. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – September in Review!

Tropical Coverage of Cyclone Keila is over!

PWP started tropical coverage for two storms in the north Indian ocean and gave daily updates regarding the storms;  02B from the Bay of Bengal and cyclone Keila from the Arabian sea. For cyclone Keila a special coverage was also started in the month of October. Following are the tropical coverage articles;

Article of the month!

Due to the criticism faced by Pakistan from the western countries due to Pakistan’s lack of concern for the flood victims, the article of the month is “We will not help Pakistan now!”

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