Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) to go Green!


Since Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP)’s creation on March 6, 2011, our aim is to help and create awareness among the Pakistani public and we have been successful in doing so. PWP has created an independent weather community in Pakistan that was never seen before in the country. Our next aim is ‘climate change’, a controversy topic as few scientists have some doubts but we have to agree that it is a global issue. In the western countries, media and social sites have created an awareness about climate change and it is left to the people what they think is right or wrong. Keeping that all in mind, Pakistan Weather Portal is starting its Green Revolution week from December 26.


From December 26 till December 28, PWP will publish articles related to climate change, its threat and theories related to it. Most of the articles would revolve around Pakistan. On December 28, PWP will observe ”Pakistan climate change Day”, a part of Green Revolution week. This event would be observed every year during late December by PWP. We have also created PWP for this specific reason.

As we have told are readers that they play an important role in our success so we would request them to highlight ‘Pakistan climate change Day’.

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