Mild Earthquake near Karachi again!!!

On January 14, at about 11:45 pm PKT, moderate earthquake of magnitude 4.7 occurred in the Arabian sea just 319 kilometres away from the coast of Karachi. The location cordinate was 23.67, 64.21. While the focal depth was about 10 km. The earthquake was not strong enough to generate tsunami in the region.

It is worth mentioning that this is the forth earthquake near Karachi since the beginning of 2012, the first earthquake in Karachi occurred on January 2, not much is known about it though.

The second earthquake that was felt in Karachi was on January 6, the tremors were powerful enough to cause the people to rush out of their homes although no loss of life was reported. The quake was felt in the southern areas of the city including Defence, Clifton, Gizri and Mehmoodabad however its magnitude could also not been measured.

The third earthquake occurred at 9:35 pm PKT on January 12, weak tremors were felt in various parts of the city including Defence and Clifton, the exact magnitude was said to be 2.2.

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