Second Outlook: Balochistan in trouble again!

“Another bad start to the year in Balochistan!”

2010 floods also affected Balochistan badly!

It was another moment of worry in the most neglected province of Balochistan and that issue did not get any media attention who otherwise keep updating the Pakistani nation 24 hours. What happened? on January 15, a woman and four children who were on their way to Nalay Achkzai when unfortunately their vehicle was swept away in the Pishin river, some 40 kilometres from Quetta  that had been roaring up and down due to recent heavy winter rainfall in the rural province. Rain had been lashing the area with regular intervals since January 14.

According to the climate of Balochistan, Shamal winds mostly affect the coastal areas of the province that is Makran coast (Gwadar and Pasni), while mid-latitude waves have a major role in the province that bring much awaited precipitation in the area. The recent incident that occurred on January 15 was a result of western disturbance 15 that approached the Pakistani borders on January 13 and first influenced the western areas of Pakistan before advancing further. PWP’s reader Waseem Ahmed on January 16 reported that snowfall ranging between 2 feet – 2.5 feet occurred in the northern areas of the country while the rainfall was 20 mm – 30 mm in the area in 24 hours. It is worth mentioning that early last year too, Balochistan saw a flood that made many people homeless.

Balochistan floods 2011

Balochistan - The neglected province!

It is really heart-breaking to again tell that the 2011’s winter flood in Balochistan were also not highlighted by the media. On February 28, a large western system entered the province from the neighbouring country of Iran that caused heavy precipitation in the province.

In just 24 hour period, 45 mm rainfall lashed the provincial capital Quetta, the quantity of rainfall is comparable to the latest episode of rainfall. Last year’s flood killed 3 people in the province while 100 were made homeless their present situation is unknown that whether the families were compensated or not, were they given shelter is also unknown.

Present in focus!

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) on December 21 issued a first outlook for the upcoming weather in 2012. PWP forecasted that in the first outlook;

“Last year (2010 -2011), the intense La-Nina  conditions in the summer caused temperature to drop significantly in the country during winter. The Tokyo-based Regional Institute for Global Change (RIGC) has also forecasted that La-Nina conditions would last till early summer therefore the winter would also be affected.

Due to the prevailing conditions across the region, the winter in coming months is also likely to follow a similar path with Cooler than average conditions expected in northern and central parts of the country especially in the month of January and February. One to three heavy precipitation may occur due to strong western disturbances in north-western Pakistan mainly western Balochistan.”

Second Outlook: Winter to get wetter?

Now if we look at the present situation then two western disturbance have already affected north-western Pakistan including Balochistan and the third one (western disturbance 16) is on its way. At the moment La-Nina is influencing the world weather that may persist till few months as told by the Japanese experts. According to the second outlook of Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP);

“The forecast for north-western Pakistan remains same that is heavy precipitation could occur in the months of February and March but southern parts that is the Sindh province may receive below normal rainfall due to the prevailing atmospheric conditions.”

Nature would not stop for anybody, the Pakistani authorites must quickly start developments projects in the province and take steps to ensure that every one in Balochistan is safe from disasters this step would help the country to cope up with natural disasters in any area of Pakistan.


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  1. Another upcoming western disturbance ready to badly affect Balochistan,Nwfp,kashmir to punjab etc. No precipitation for karachi is observed…

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