Europe’s cold snap: What is North America doing?

“A tale of two continents!”

Temperature variation in the West

The unusual cold wave that started across the continent of Europe from January 27 has so far continued, the cold wave has killed some 450 people, the cold wave has also spread into northern Africa. But condition is the complete opposite in America where mild weather has been prevailing since January.

As Europe shivers, North America sizzles!

This is a very rare situation we have already listened to the story of Europe but North America is being ignored because since January, temperatures have been unusually warm there with low-level of snowfall. It is the tale of the two dominating continents as an anti-cyclone has formed over northwest Russia that is controlling the weather over both of the continents.

The cold in Europe

Europe suffering from cold temperatures and heavy snowfall

The winter has been the most coldest in 20 years in Europe. The cold front brought  low temperatures in many countries especially those located at side, temperatures reached as low as −35 °C.  The continent also witnessed heavy snowfalls that followed the cold wave. The heaviest snow was recorded in the Balkan region. Following are the points that are needed to be noted;

  • Worst and severe February cold snap since 1991 across the continent.
  • In Rome, 8 inches of snowfall has fallen, heaviest since 1986.
  • Montenegro witnessed the heaviest snowfall in 63 years.
  • Temperatures of -20°C along with 30 cm snowfall has lashed the quake-hit regions of Turkey.

Most deaths related to Alcohol?

Cold wave has killed a large number of alcoholics across Europe especially Ukraine. The Emergency Minister of Ukraine says that 90% deaths are related to alcohol, 140 people have died in the country.

Cold front enters Africa

Since then, the cold wave has spread to Northern Africa states, Algeria witnessed a series of heavy snowfall. Following are the important features;

  • In Libya, Tripoli witnessed 3 inches of snowfall, heaviest since 1956.
  • In Algeria, 4 inches of snowfall occurred since  2004.

The heat wave in North America

America is warmer than normal

Well it’s basically not a heat wave but a mild air has gripped the entire continent stretching from Canada to United States.

  • The month of January has been 4th warmest month since 1900 in the United States.
  • Again the month of January has seen less snowfall in 46 years.
  • Third mildest winter in Canada in over a century.

Fake snow being sold in Canada

It has been so dry that a 10-day winter festival (Festival du Voyageur) in Canada’s city Winnipeg has been forced to buy artificial snow. People coming from Switzerland, the Netherlands and Mexico were shocked and amazed to see fake snow in the festival. Canada has been dry with below normal precipitation since last year’s November.

Could America and Europe be the latest victim of climate change? 

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