First Winter Outlook (2012 – 2013): Pakistan’s Winter starts slowly!

As it was being earlier expected that El-Nino, the warming of the equatorial waters in the Pacific Ocean, would form and affect the world’s weather pattern especially the winter season but it seems as if nature has some thing else install for the world as El-Nino now looks like a distant dream.

Portal Interactive: Rain with windy condition in Birmingham!

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European Monsoon – Fierce storm forces its entry into England!

Another record in the making? Severe Atlantic storm having the qualities of a category-1 hurricane is pondering over the United Kingdom with winds reaching as high as 80 miles per hour while 40 feet high tides which could easily wreak havoc in the Kingdom. The tropical storm-like system is expected to move slowly towards the…

Weather of United Kingdom – Cold, hot, drought and floods

The year 2012 has started in the United Kingdom and Europe with a lots of crazy weather, the weather is showing all its colours in a short period of time. In January till February, the Kingdom was experiencing one of the coldest winters since 1991 that killed some 450 people while in the month of March unusual…

Europe’s cold snap: What is North America doing?

“A tale of two continents!” The unusual cold wave that started across the continent of Europe from January 27 has so far continued, the cold wave has killed some 450 people, the cold wave has also spread into northern Africa. But condition is the complete opposite in America where mild weather has been prevailing since…