My Journey for Pakistan’s first weather blog!

“WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL IN MAKING A WEATHER BLOG?” Some people might ask me this, well if you live in a country with population crossing 187,342,721 and that country has every website and blog but lacks a weather blog then it is surprising. Pakistan’s eastern neighbour India has number of weather blogs thus it was necessary to make a weather-related site other than the government-owned.

On March 6, 2011, I Babar Hussain created Pakistan’s first weather blog by the name of Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP). A blog is like a weapon of freedom of expression and speech that should be used properly. Bloggers should be careful as what they write as their work would be read across the globe. I personally like to appreciate all Pakistani bloggers that are expressing the pain of a society and showing the ‘other’ image of our country through their articles.

The Purpose – To create awareness

First logo of Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP)

It was my aim to create awareness among Pakistanis about the dangers of nature and climate change hence it was important for me to create such a platform. PWP gave daily weather updates and created 200+ since March 6, 2011 which included weather, climate, space, enviroment related articles to give Pakistanis all this on one platform.

  • Thus today we have achieved our first aim!

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) has now created an independent weather community in Pakistan that was never seen before in Pakistan. People can now share their views, information with each other and stay in touch with the latest weather development in the country especially during monsoon and storms.

The Fame

From the perspective of a weather blog, PWP achieved fame in a short period of time. Whether someone believes it or not? PWP attracted a huge number of visitors in short period of time. The secret? Because we are and always will remain original; and we do not copy others.


Following are some of the notable achievement of PWP since its creation in 2011 (which could be visited from here);

  • Muscat Daily, a famous newspaper in Oman has mentioned PWP many times.
  • Oman now, a news website mentioned PWP in November.
  • Pakistan fisherfolk, a group that looks after the safety and their welfare, followed every update of PWP regarding the expected cyclone. They mentioned us on their Facebook page and Twitter page.
  • Pakistan Red crescent society, PRCS is a humanitarian organization, dedicated to improving lives of vulnerable segments of the society, PRCS has mentioned PWP on their monsoon updates.
  • Humanitarian Response of Pakistan has mentioned PWP in their monsoon updates.
  • Climate Himalaya, a website led by south Asian users highlighted PWP’s Green Revolution.
  • World Weather Post, a website that collects the best articles related to weather from all around the world has mentioned PWP many times. PWP’s tropical coverage remained on top for 5 continuous week on that website, beating BBC, CNN, Reuter and Hindustan times.
  • PWP is also mentioned on many international forums and blogs from Manila to New york. PWP’s tropical coverage was translated by many Omanis in Arabic and they followed us hour by hour.
  • PWP is also mentioned on many Facebook and twitter pages of different people around the world.

Inspiration from others

I would like to thank Mr.Ahmed from Dubai, UAE as his work was really good while just across the border I would not forget to mention Rajesh Kapadia as his work is one of the finest across India as per my observation.

Thanks to PWP Fans

It is because of the PWP-Readers that this Portal is still alive and I would love to thank all of them for running this blog. Few names that I remember are mentioned below;

  • Demon – I dont know his original name but he was the first person to visit this blog and that is something that you don’t forget.
  • Shoaib Iqbal – A regular visitor of the Portal and always share his views which are always welcomed.
  • Waseem Ahmed – Many times he has shared his weather experience with me through emails.
  • Tarim (fragnat1c) – A regular visitor during the monsoon season.
  • Yousuf Tahir – I cannot thank this person enough, the image and logo of PWP you see today is because of him.

Other sites related to Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) PWP_Weather on Twitter

It was a great journey that I had and look forward to do so again. In the end, we should pray for the stability of our country as it is the only home we have. Pakistan Zindabad!

Flag Pakistan animated gif 240x180

6 replies to “My Journey for Pakistan’s first weather blog!

  1. Thanks Muhammad Hussainbhai..I believe that weather knows no boundries. In our 2 countries, we have to depend, and also have a good knowledge of the weather conditions and developments in our respecttive countries. Weather systems from either side move into each other’s regions, and to help and share views is going to benefit our peoples.
    I very strongly feel, that some time soon we will be sharing greater and more information, and exchanging very valuable weather facts to each other..
    All the best to PWP.

    Keep up this great w0rk.
    May Your blog always be alive like this and may it bec0me m0re famous ( AMEEN ).

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