Pakistan Weather Update (March 10 – March 16)

Temperature and precipitation till March 17

Another Western Disturbance is looking to aim at the northern areas while the southern parts are likely to remain mostly dry. Temperatures are gradually rising in Pakistan.

March’s western systems

Till now two systems have affected the country with mostly weak to moderate intensity as heavy rainfall/snowfall has been localized that occurred in Khyber province;

  • Western Disturbance ’23’ affected the country from March 3 night till March 6 morning, the system caused moderate showers/snowfall mainly in the northern areas of the country.
  • Western Disturbance ’24’, a very weak western system affected the country on March 7 till 24 hours, drizzle occurred in Giglit, thunder showers occurred in Islamabad on March 7 and March 8 morning. This system then moved into India as WD 23.

Upcoming scenario

Western Disturbance ’25’ is expected to enter western Pakistan on March 10 late night/March 11 morning and after 12 to 24 hours it would spread till the northern areas of the country. Due to this weather system, precipitation is expected in Quetta, Peshawar and Gilgit till March 13 morning/mid-day with fast winds to few possible events of strong winds (above 35 mph). There are also chances of rainfall in Islamabad during this period. WD 25 would weaken by March 13 as it heads into Jammu & Kashmir.

Weather would remain dry in Sindh, south Punjab and adjoining Balochistan, few clouds could occur over Multan on March 11 and March 12. In Karachi, weather would remain dry with partly/mostly cloudy on March 11 with fast winds (20 mph – 25 mph) as a stray cloud formation (containing 5 mm – 10 mm) on late March 11 would be south-west of Karachi before dissipating near the coast of the city. However chances of drizzle are very slim due to dissipation.

In Lahore, weather would be dry with passing clouds on March 11 and March 12. Lahoris have missed many winter rainfall this year unlike previous year!

7 replies to “Pakistan Weather Update (March 10 – March 16)

  1. We got rainfall from every western disturbance so far, although its intensity is lower from last year so far in lahore. and while i am writing this message dark clouds almost cover the city.

  2. Hi Babar, How r you. I have gone thru a news which says that most forecasts about south west monsoon are below average rainfall and indian agriculture ministry is on high alert because of these predictions about 2012 monsoon, Do you think this time Pakistan will not be seeing any good monsoon activity????.

    1. Hey Shahbaz, its true that Few have said that below normal monsoon is ahead in India, however the IMD has not issued its first monsoon forecast (April) from which the Gov. departments take action, IMD will review its forecast in July also. However India is a large country and I have read that west Bengal might have above-normal rainfall, while below in southern coast. However in Pakistan, upper parts also depend on western trough to boost monsoon rainfall along with Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal moisture, while southern parts depend mainly depend on lows from the Bay. I would start to mention monsoon 2012 in Pakistan from late April articles.

    1. Hey Mahmood, Related to climate change, but that does not mean that sea level would jump immediately and surround the city in few years or tropical storms would become day to day’s routine. If we see a heavy monsoon rainfall this year or a storm eyes Karachi this year, we cant say that its because of a climate episode, every severe weather is not a result of such phenomena. However its still a theory not a fact.

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