TSUNAMI: Powerful Earthquake in Indonesia

DEVELOPING NEWS: A massive earthquake has hit Indonesia. The magnitude is said to be 8.9 on Richter scale, tsunami warning has been issued to 28 countries.

In India, tremors were felt in eastern parts, including Chennai and Kolkata. Updates regarding the earthquake are as follow:

2012 Indonesia Earthquake


Update at 2:25 pm PKT

Indians from twitter report that tremors were also felt in Mumbai. As of now it is not known whether a tsunami has been generated or not.

Update at 2:30 pm PKT

Tremors also felt in Malaysia, Maldives, Srilanka and Singapore.

Update at 2:39 pm PKT

Unconfirmed reports of tsunami warning being issued for Pakistan.

Update at 2:43 pm PKT

The power has gone out in Banda Aceh in Indonesia and residents are moving to higher ground in the country.

Update at 2:57 pm PKT

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii has issued tsunami warning for Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, the Maldives, Malaysia, Pakistan, Somalia, Oman, Iran, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa and Singapore.

Update at 3:33 pm PKT

Fresh Tremors of 6.5 strikes Indonesia, a tsunami of 6 metres could hit Indonesia.

Update at 3:35 pm PKT

The seaport of Indian city of Chennai has been closed as waves of tsunami could reach later in the day.

Update at 4:55 pm PKT – BREAKING NEWS

A second earthquake of magnitude 8.2 strikes Indonesia, off Sumatra coast.

Update at 5:16 pm PKT

Waves reported at 1-meter in Indonesia. However not much deadly waves of tsunami expected in India and other adjoining countries.

Update at 5:27 pm PKT

There is no threat of tsunami in Pakistan as the country is very far away and due to its inner location. The Earthquake of of this type generally does not generate a deadly tsunami.

Update at 6:55 pm PKT – NEW

According to the British geological survey, this was a different type of earthquake that is a strike-slip quake that causes horizontal movement of the surfaces. This type of earthquake creates small waves while the thrust quake is the most dangerous as it causes the surface to move vertical causing large waves to move rapidly forward.

After some 5 hours of the earthquake, no major tsunami waves has been detected. Few above-normal waves were observed at the coast of Thailand and Indonesia though were not threatening. Tsunami warning has been lifted now!

10 replies to “TSUNAMI: Powerful Earthquake in Indonesia

    1. Till Now Karachi is safe from earthquake and cyclones because its climate is like this and not because of Abdullah Shah Ghazi. Karachi climate is very calm and we have never seen such weather event in Karachi like cyclones so do not always give credit to Shrines/Dargah.He was also human so how can he safe us from this kind of events? and this tradition is from INDIA. Secondly, True Muslims pray from ALLAH directly either in home or Mostly in MOSQUE. Ask from ALLAH directly and do not give credit to shrines because this is “kufar”. I cannot understand why people go to dargah or shrines and do not go to MOSQUE for their problems and needs?

      1. Please stick to discussing the climate and not religion. A natural calamity can occur in any part of the world. Allah is the creater of this world and responsible for all living things. He does not discriminate between muslims and non-muslims.

  1. Mr Shoabi100 .. I tHINK You not rememberd the 1999. 2003 and 2007 cyclonic conditions… YES its true that we have to only pray from Allah ! but we are not perfect naik clean human beings ..like HAZRAT LAL QALANDER. HAZRAT SHAH ABDUL LATIF BHITAI AND HAZRAT ABDULLAH SHAH GHAZI and much more others .so that shrines and dargahz are lovers and Perfect Clean Naik Human beaings of Allah ! thats why we taking there name in the Sadqa from Allah … i hope you will understand Mr Shoaibi100…. and remember one thing Karachi is safe from Tsunami or Typhoons and cyclones only because of HAZRAT ABDHULAH SHAH GHAZI .. ( Its My Humble Request To Sir Admin Babar Hussain that Please Dont ignore my that comment ! and allow to publish on page thanks sir 🙂 ! Babar sir its my also request that you should have to write topic on that Dargah and Shrines who saves us from extreme storms cyclones tsunamis )

    1. I understand your point also and i hope you should understand my point also. please do not mind anyting. Hamara maqsad kisi ki dil azari karna nahi tha….

    2. Mere bhai…agar kisi ka sadqa dena hai to dunya mei sub se ziyada paak insan sirf 1 he aya hai aur woh hai hamare piyaare rasool muhammad (SAW)…allah ke piyaare….

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