Portal Interactive: Pakistan-Arabia stops rain over both Americas!

  • United States This article is written by PWP-Reader Craig Dremann from Redwood City, California, United States of America
Dust and monsoon battling on August 4

Monsoon and Dust Battle on August 4

August 4, the atmospheric dust cloud is successfully keeping the monsoon away from Pakistan, and the mini-Dust Cloud in India, is acting like a rock in a stream, and forcing the monsoon moisture to split as the monsoon moves westward.

The paradox of the Dust Cloud, is where grazing has removed vegetation, that is the home of the Dust Cloud, which then creates more severe drought conditions, and  starts a feed-back cycle, to create more severe drought, as more dust gets airborne, etc.
When grazing the home of the Dust Cloud, leaving a few centimeters of standing vegetation to remain, instead of grazing to bare ground, would begin to cure the Dust Cloud.

One permanent cure, would be to revegetate the Dust Cloud homelands with the original native perennial grasses and local native trees, and to pay the local people to protect those areas as Ecological Restoration preserves, instead of using the Dust Cloud lands for animal fodder.

Fixing the Dust Cloud homeland vegetation cover is essential for the peoples of western India, Pakistan and the United States, because we all depend on the monsoonal moisture to grow our crops each year.

August 8: Brewing Condition!

Condition over India on August 8

Today a huge battle between the Dust Cloud and the monsoon is taking place at the Pakistan-India border, that you can see from the attached image. The monsoon may be able to go around the Dust Cloud, by moving to the north and then westward through the weak portion of the cloud.

August 11: The American Drought

I was noticing today, as well as the Dust Clouds in Pakistan and Arabia causing drought in Pakistan and the USA, it is also causing the worst drought in 100 years in the Amazon, if you Google <drought Amazon August2012>.  You can see this impact by watching http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/comp/latest_cmoll.gif.  Only central America is getting rainfall this summer so far.

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12 replies to “Portal Interactive: Pakistan-Arabia stops rain over both Americas!

  1. @ K.M, Now its sunshine over Karachi Is it mean that Dust Cloud is finish and now after some days Karachi may get some rains? By the way, most boring forecaster BBC not ready to show rain over Karachi

  2. Let’s wait for the neutral year when there will be no El Nino or La Nina, only then we will be able to decide if this dust clouds affects the South West Monsoon or not!

    1. The atmospheric Dust Cloud over Arabia and Pakistan is present in an El Nino year, a La Nina year, or a neutral year, and is more powerful that a Category 5 cyclone–like when it gobbled up Super Cyclone GONU in the Straits of Hormuz in 2007. Daily monitoring of the battle between the atmospheric Dust Cloud vs. the monsoon clouds would be useful for the hundreds of millions of us who depend on the monsoon moisture for our crops.

  3. @KM . Assalam o alaikum! the diagram above is showing dust cloud in north punjab also, as mentioned above dust clouds keep the monsoon away and you also said above to consider the dust cloud like a high pressure area then how are the current monsoon rains taking place here. as it rained few hours earlier here in north punjab and also more rains are forecasted here even in the presence of dust clouds ?

    1. Simplez, Western Disturbance is behind UN-explained flooding downpours over Upper Pakistan specially Lahore to Islamabad. There are other also supporting factors but # 1 WD

    2. Walikum Assalam, I said that think of dust cloud like a high pressure, although they are not related and totally different, they weaken the monsoon system. Such atmospheric disturbance is mostly over central and southern parts..

  4. @km….
    If a monsoon weather system successful to reach in Sindh, then this dust cloud would go away from Sindh to westward or it will stay there? means if a weather system reach in Sindh it will clear the passage for the next weather system to come in sindh by pushing this dust cloud or not?.. kindly answer…………

    1. babar bhai barish he ya is year barish he nhe sindh me to wese bi rain kam hoti is year to rain huwi hi nhe wo to last year heavy rains huwi thi lagta is kisi heavy rain to nhe lekin light rain bhi nhe hogi plz sindh especially tando muhammad khan and hyderabad plz rpl me.I wait for your answer.

    2. Atmospheric dust weakens the system, yesterday’s thundercloud over Sindh was weakening rapidly once it entered the province. However one thing new was seen that thundercloud for the first time in this monsoon spread towards upper Sindh.

  5. good…. hope thunder cloud spread over entire Sindh…….
    Babar bhai i want to ask that, a monsoon system can push this dust cloud or not…

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