Isaac remembers Katrina after seven years!

Same path, Same place, Same time but different strength!

Tropical storm ‘Isaac’ spinning!

Tropical storm ‘Isaac’ seems to be following the similar track of Hurricane ‘Katrina’, its the same time and in the same place as Hurricane Katrina did seven years ago however tropical storm is much weaker than Katrina. On August 29, Hurricane Katrina made landfall over Louisiana with 125 mph as a strong Category 3 storm while Isaac could made landfall over the same area on August 28 or August 29 as a hurricane, the only difference is the size and strength.

Current status of the storm

  • Winds – 65 miles per hours could increase to 100 miles per hour.
  • Pressure – 988 mbar.
  • Landfall – State of Louisiana.

Isaac and Katrina – Tracks of storm

Below is the track of tropical storm ‘Isaac’, the storm has changed its direction and has moved more westwards.

Below is the track of Katrina; At the time of landfall Katrina was a dangerous Category 3 hurricane.

Overiew of tropical storm Isaac

Tropical storm ‘Isaac’ is the tenth tropical storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season out of which only three intensified into a hurricane. Tropical activity this year had been weaker in the Atlantic ocean due to the development of El-Nino. Tropical storm ‘Isaac’ has the potential of bringing scattered destruction to the coast of United States.

6 replies to “Isaac remembers Katrina after seven years!

  1. Sir it was much more thundering here from 2 to 8pm but only drizzled had occured in our village which is 20 km from nawabshah,,pakmet had shown 51 mm rain in khipro,27.5 in mirpurkhas,,is its true?? And is any other spell expected in sindh?

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